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May 21st, 2018

Final Movie Poster Justin Biebers Never Say Never

Never Say Never, Justin BieberA sneak peak at the final poster for Justin Biebers upcoming 3d Movie Never Say Never has hit the web courtesy of Impawards. Myself I am not the right demographic but there is no question in my mind that Paramount is going to make a mountain of cash off of this 3D movie which takes you behind the scenes in Justin Biebers life with the tag line ‘Find out whats possible if you never give up’.

Justin Bieber is from Stratford Ontario Canada and after being discovered by Usher has completely exploded from a street performer to an international sensation. His new movie which will be in 3D promises to take fans behind the scenes and show you a day in the life. JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER” in 3D will open nationwide on Friday, February 11th.

There are two things you can count on when this movie hits theaters. I will not be seeing it and my two female cousins will be. I may not be its base but its safe to say this movie will survive with females from early to late teens no doubt getting out in droves to support the latest pop icon.

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  1. good for JB. Yeah, I agree. The movie will click with teenage girls. Well, I am not a fan of Bieber but not a hater. I like his music and it is really engaging. Good luck JB

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