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June 19th, 2018

Eminem To Lose Himself In “Random Acts of Violence”

About two or three weeks ago, I started reading rumors that Eminem was pondering getting back into the acting world. Well, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that rumor is very closer to becoming fact. It looks like Eminem (which I feel ridiculous typing) is going to star in a crime thriller called “Random Acts of Violence”. He’ll be playing a recently released from prison criminal being pulled in two directions. Naturally, those directions being good and evil. Sounds pretty basic to me.

While yes, it sounds basic and a fairly well-told story, I’m still kind of interested. You may think I’m nuts, but I thought he was great in “8 Mile”. He’s by far much better than any other contemporary singer/rapper turned actor. I really can’t believe he hasn’t acted in anything since “8 Mile”. Unless you count his hilarious cameo in “Funny People”.

Although, I do have an issue with the movie title. It sounds entirely too close to “A History of Violence”. That and the script has been in developmental hell for quite sometime and the ugliest of ugly script words has been done to it: rewrites. Several rewrites. I’m actually hoping it turns out well, as I would much rather watch Eminem in the movies than listen to that racket he lays on wax. Or whatever the kids call recording music these days.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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