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April 20th, 2018

Bond 23 Has a Release Date

You know what, Internet? I like Quantum of Solace. I think it’s a fun, quick and dirty kind of James Bond film. Sure, it has some flaws (outside of the ridiculous, inappropriate title), but it also has Daniel Craig kicking things and some nice artistic flourishes thanks to director Marc Forster. And, let’s be honest, what COULD live up to Casino Royale?

Well, whatever Bond 23 will be called (Property of a Lady? 007 in New York?), it has a release date, according to the Heat Vision Blog, and that release date is November 9, 2012. Daniel Craig returns, and the script is by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade once again… with John Logan (RKO 281, Bats) (yes, I chose his most disparate credits, thank you for noticing).

I had no idea that this film was still happening. Wait, let me clarify: I had NO DOUBT in my mind that Bond 23 was happening, I just had no idea it was still going forward with Sam Mendes as a director. I figured he was off the film and had moved on when the project was put on hiatus.

Which begs a big question: how will Sam Mendes fare with an action film? So far, he’s done domestic dramas and one period gangster film. Oh, he did Away We Go and Jarhead? Guy’s got the weirdest filmography. I haven’t seen Jarhead, so I’m going to assume he hasn’t done a truly action-oriented film like a James Bond movie.

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  1. I’m totally guessing here, but Mendes will probably do all the “emotional” stuff while a second unit does the action—bit like the split on The World Is Not Enough. But then, Forster did well on the edits to the action scenes, so who knows?

    Love the pic, BTW! Hoagy Carmichael with a cruel mouth!

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