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May 26th, 2018

The 2011 Golden Globes Post-Mortem

The Golden Globes aired on NBC last night. Even as a hardcore movie fan, I did not watch much of the show. I tuned in for the initial monologue from Ricky Gervais, as I am a huge fan of his. He did not disappoint.

Wow. Ricky did not pull any punches. There have been several waves of reaction from the public over this bit. The immediate thoughts from the general public thought this was brilliant. Sure, he took some seriously personal shots at a few prominent celebrities, but it was unbelievably funny and honest. Needless to say, I’m certain that John Travolta and Tom Cruise will not be sending Ricky any Christmas cards this year.

As the show went on, it seemed like most people were starting to turn on Ricky (this is all according to my Twitter feed). They seemed to feel he went too far and took shot after shot at each celebrity that went on stage. I’m completely okay with this. I’m even okay with the joke he made about my hero Robert Downey Jr.’s addiction problems and arrest history. But, it seems like most people had tired of Ricky’s nonstop insult barrage by the end of the night.

This morning, I’m seeing that there are two camps: the blindly obsessed with Ricky Gervais that will defend everything he does (me) and those that think he’s a mean, cruel, not funny former fat guy. Sure, the stuff Ricky threw out there was biting and he pulls no punches, but isn’t this better than the regular lovefest of a boring awards show? That is the reason why the Oscars are a whip to watch. I am just not interested in watching a theater full of elite people tell each other how great they are for three hours. It’s the ultimate display of mutual masturbation.

So let Ricky Gervais take the piss out of people. Mix it up. If a movie stinks, it stinks and it should be made fun of. Even Robert DeNiro took a shot at “Little Fockers” last night during his Cecile B. DeMille acceptance speech, which by the way was a riot. Sure, his delivery was awkward but that may be because he’s not used to doing a stand up bit on stage. He told some brilliant immigration jokes, took shots at the Hollywood Foreign Press, and even mocked a handful of his movies that were flops. Maybe DeNiro will spend the rest of career as a comic?

In other news, “The Social Network” won a bunch of stuff, Christian Bale finally won something, Trent Reznor now has a Golden Globe, Ricky Gervais alienated most of America, and we did not see nearly enough of Christina Hendricks. Cheers.

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