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May 24th, 2018

2010’s Comeback Kid Ben Affleck, Is Interested In “American Bull****”

If there was an award for Comeback Motion Picture Star of The Year, I’d cast my vote for Ben Affleck. He didn’t show up in a bunch of movies or anything, but I was completely surprised by how much I like “The Town”. It didn’t turn water into wine or re-invent the wheel, but it was a really well put together movie. Affleck, as the director and star, turned a pretty normal story into a thrilling heist movie. He also coaxed some great performances out of Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner. It was probably the most surprised I felt after a movie in 2010.

Since Affleck has now directed two well-received thrillers (also “Gone Baby Gone”), people are interested to see what he’ll tackle as his next directing gig. It looks like he’s going to make a move to the famed Hollywood Black List. This can sometimes be a risky move as these scripts are on the list for a reason. They are really fantastic stories, but sometimes they are considered completely un-filmable. Affleck is rumored to be circling a script called “American Bull****”. It’s based on the true story of the FBI’s undercover Abscam operations of the 1980s.

I’m ready to completely go on record and say that I’m a big Ben Affleck supporter. I’ve had my Affleck #1 Foam Finger since “Chasing Amy” and didn’t trash it. Even after “Surviving Christmas”, “Reindeer Games”, or “Payback”. I was close to leaving him behind during the whole J-Lo fiasco, but I chose to just pretend those times didn’t happen. Kind of like my off-campus life in college.

Source: Deadline New York


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