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April 27th, 2018

Darabont Unloads Walking Dead Writers

In what amounts to be one of the largest WTF’s in entertainment history, Frank Darabont has axed the entire writing staff of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Darabont, as the executive producer, wrote the first two episodes and then did rewrites on the remaining four, so this really may not be as big a deal as it is being reported. However, for a show being loved by a large audience, it is still a head scratcher.

So, the second season of the show will have an entirely new writing team. If you really think about it, it may make some sense. Darabont was creatively involved with each installment of the six episode first season, even rewriting the final four. It will be much tougher for one person, even as talented as he is, to write, direct, rewrite and produce a 13-episode season, which is what AMC has ordered for season two. If anything, now that the show has been picked up, it may make sense to hire a new group of writers to work on the show full-time.

Although, the io9 story linked above does say the rumor is that Darabont may hire freelance writers to write each episode, which he would then tweak as he sees fit. This is also an interesting idea. How cool would it be for Darabont to present an outline for an episode to a writer like David Goyer? Goyer writes an episode, gets a nice payday, and the show gets to stick “Written by David Goyer” before the episode. Sounds like a win-win-win situation.


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