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May 20th, 2018

The Tree of Life Trailer

Terence Malick is one of the world’s most respected and well-thought of directors. Oddly enough, he has only directed five full-length movies and took a 20-year hiatus between the amazing “Days Of Heaven” in 1978 to the “The Thin Red Line” in 1998. While “Days Of Heaven” may not be for everyone, you would not be a true film junkie if you don’t sit down and watch “Badlands” (his first film) and “The Thin Red Line”. They are both tremendous feats of writing, directing, and (if this matters to you) cinematography. Malick movies are really for people that want to notice everything that happens on the screen.

Yes, I realize that this all may sound extremely snobby, like the guy that says he loves, ahem, “films”. There really isn’t another way to talk about Malick’s movies. They are painstakingly crafted, every shot and sound is mulled over and over. The first trailer for the next Malick movie, “The Tree of Life”, is obviously cut from the same cloth as previous Malick films. However, this is the first movie of his that looks to have extensive special effects. As with every single thing about Terence Malick, the details of this movie have been kept under wraps. However, it supposedly takes places over thousands of years and at one time was rumored to have a section in it with CGI dinosaurs. So…umm…yeah. See if you can figure out where dinosaurs would fit into this movie after watching the trailer, which seems to mostly be about a son (Sean Penn) that is thinking back to his youth and the issues he had with his father (Brad Pitt). Doesn’t seem like much room for a T-Rex there does it?


  1. Emily

    Does anyone know if this film is at all related to the Qabalistic (or Kabbalistic, depending on how you feel like spelling it) concept of the Tree of Life? Seems like it would be, but I haven’t seen any evidence to confirm it for sure

  2. Bill

    Almost every culture in the World has a concept of the tree of life from the Norse to Navajo. The trailer seems to have a theme of birth and death (of the world, a man, “time”) and with the tree of life almost universally representing the connection between life and death, the seen and unseen, it’d make no sense if it wasn’t related.

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