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May 22nd, 2018

Top 10 Horror Movies of 2010

Earlier in the year Luke did his list of Best Horror Films of 2010 so far and now it is my turn to recap the year in horror films and share what I feel are the 10 best Horror Movies of 2010. There were a few horror films I missed this year, some by accident and some deliberately but despite this I feel safe that most of you can agree with my Top 10 Horror Films of 2010, even if your order might vary from mine. So without further ado here are what I consider to be the Best Horror Movies of 2010, starting with number ten:

#10: Resident Evil Afterlife: The Resident Evil Film Franchise is a sad affair because at times it is the definition of genius and at other times it’s a hot mess. The original film I bought in a discount bin for $4 and have seen it no less than 30 times. The sequel Resident Evil Apocalypse which I was highly looking forward to was so bad I wanted to shank myself in the shower.

Resident Evil Extinction was slightly better and left me begging for new life in the franchise. Along came Resident Evil Afterlife which although not ground breaking was a fun, action packed adventure film wrapped in the realm of Resident Evil. The first film to use the Avatar 3D technology it was also the first film since Avatar where the 3D was subtle, impressive and a key part of the story. Resident Evil Afterlife lands at #10 on my list because it was shot in real 3D, and used it for more than just a gimmick while offering a unique and interesting story, zombie madness and an all around fun popcorn filled time!

#9: Predators: I had a few issues with Predators right out of the gate from the director right down to the male lead. Robert Rodriguez’s name was slapped all over the project but Nimrod Antal was the director and casting Adrien Brody as a bad ass mercenary really was a stretch I wasn’t sure I could believe. Much to my surprised Predators is a fun action packed adventure tale which takes the Predator film franchise into fresh ground and alien worlds as Adrien Brody and a band of misfits including Machetes Danny Trejo and ‘That 70s Shows’ Topher Grace take on the otherworldly bad ass killing machines known as the Predators. If you were looking for something to wash away the bad taste of the Alien vs Predator films Nimrod Antals Predators does just that.

I am known to watch movies more than once but with Predators I did something unusual and watched it twice back to back. It is a popcorn flick packed full of action but it also offers some interesting story elements that you will not see coming while offering you a lot more then the past Predator films. Mixed into the scifi action and violent confrontations is an original and well thought out storyline that although it’s not INCEPTION is definitely a stand out for the franchise. Predators proves that you can have scifi-action, intense violence and a great script and still keep it fun.

#8: The Book of Eli: I will probably get heat for putting Book of Eli on a horror list since it is an apocalyptic thriller and not a traditional horror film but for me the concept of the end of days and nuclear holocaust scare the crap out of me which is why it lands on this list. Visually stunning it offers an interesting angle on the end of days as Denzel Washington delivers the last bible to a bastion of safety and goes head to head with a apocalyptic warlord Carnegie played by Gary Oldman one of the best character actors in Hollywood!

Mila Kunis also co-stars and delivers easily her best performance to date. Mila Kunis is gorgeous and up until Book of Eli had not really shown that she could do more than be a pretty face and a nice set of legs. But The Book Of Eli has proven Mila Kunis is a true actress and her followup in Black Swan just re-enforces the fact yes she is a pretty face but she is also incredibly talented when give then right material.  The Book of Eli is action packed, gorey and filled with interesting characters and adventures and although admittedly not a true horror film if you are a fan of apocalyptic movies you will enjoy The Book of Eli. Really hoping for the production team and director do a sequel with Mila Kunis in the lead!

#7: Human Centipede: The Human Centipede is a tough one for me. In many aspects I did not like it but on the flip side it is very creative, sadistic and disturbing. In the end it made my Top 10 because of its creativity and clearly unique angle on the ‘mad scientist’ film sub-genre. The Human Centipede tells the story of two college girls travelling across Europe who are kidnapped by a famed surgeon only to fall victim to his sadistic love of conjoined twins and his efforts to build his own human centipede. At times difficult to watch it is a gorey and well thought out film that although at times is a bit off the wall is sure to appeal to classic die hard horror fans. Suppposedly Magnet has plans for this movie to be a franchise but frankly this movie has no hope as a franchise and I question how anyone can make a sequel or a prequel to this story.

#6: Splice: Who would have thought that Adrien Brody would have two films on my list but he does. Splice got mixed reviews and I really have not heard from any colleagues who enjoyed the movie but for me it is a throwback to classic sci-fi horror films where science goes awry with the best intentions in mind. Starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley they play lovers and scientists who are working to create a genetically modified human clone. I have been a fan of Sarah Polley’s for years and think she is easily the most under rated actress in Hollywood. One of the most talented character actors around she hasn’t caught on in the mainstream yet but I hold out hope she will one day. Splice is a thriller packed full of great dialogue, believable characters and a climatic and bloody ending. If you like ALIEN or The Thing I feel you will enjoy SPLICE.

#5: Machete: No doubt I will get heat putting Machete on the list but at least I broke the ice with The Book of Eli. Machete is a grind house film by Robert Rodriguez and starring Danny Trejo and is a throwback to the classic grind house films of the past. Filled with over the top violence, silly dialogue and ridiculous characters Machete is the must see movie of the year. It will never win awards or get recognition on a filmmaking level but it will make you laugh, make you groan and make you smile as it pays homage to films of yester year where silly was part of the formula. Co-starring Jessica Alba who is really only remembered for her naked shower scene, Steven Segal as a Mexican Drug lord and Michelle Rodriguez, Machete is the movie that red blooded action junkies want to see … and must see!

#4: The Crazies: Not a huge fan of Timothy Olyphant’s but will admit that The Crazies is one of the few roles where he pulls off his character perfectly. A remake of the George Romero film it tells the story of a small town that is taken over by a zombie like virus and the local Sherriff who must not only figure it out but also escape with his wife, their unborn child and a few holdouts. In true tribute to George Romero who is known for his under lining political messages The Crazies offers lots of action but also intriguing characters that are much deeper than your typical horror movie leads. The original film is one of the few George Romero movies I have never seen but after seeing the remake it is now on my ‘must see’ list. If you liked AMC’s The Walking Dead you will like The Crazies!

#3: Peacock: Peacock is a small indie project that got very little fanfare. If you don’t read a die hard horror site like you likely did not even ever hear of it. Starring Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Susan Sarandon its a throwback to classic Hitchcock thrillers. Peacock is the definition of a great psychological thriller and is one of less than five films I almost gave a 10 out of 10 score. With tons of intensity, fantastic characters and an outstanding cast Peacock delivers thrills in abundance. Its the story of a local banker living a secret life and how it all becomes exposed in the most innocent of ways and the dark secrets that come out from the revelation of who he really is.

I love Peacock and think its easily one of Cillian Murphy’s best roles he has ever taken on. Add to the mix Junos Ellen Page and Susan Sarandon and you have a real winner. If you liked John Cusack’s Identity, Adam Greens Spiral or classic Hitchcock you will love Peacock.

#2: Shutter Island: Once again more psychological thriller then true horror but no denying that Shutter Island is one of the best films of 2010.  Starring Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island is a classic thriller similar to Peacock but with much darker undertones and a much larger story of evil, crimes of the mind and the human spirit. Shutter Island is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen and is hands down the best thriller of 2010. Featuring an outstanding cast and a story that will stick with you for days after you have seen it Shutter Island is the definition of a fantastic thrill ride where nothing is as it seems. Lenoardo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo play US Marshalls out to solve a crime but the crime is clearly not as it seems, nor is the island or its inhabitants of guards, doctors and inmates.

#1: Let Me In: As good as the other 9 films on this list were the number one spot on my list wasn’t even up for debate. I had it set before I even started writing this list. Matt Reeves Let Me In the remake of the Swedish horror film Let The Right One In and is hands down the best remake to come out of Hollywood since Zach Snyders Dawn of The Dead. It is a traditional vampire tale while bringing in the angle of teen love and the bond between a vampire and her human protector and how survival is not always as clear and cut as it might seem. A story of love, tragedy and the human character Let Me In is a truly fantastic experience.

A classic in the making for once the remake actually lives up to the original delivering a parallel storyline while still bringing in new elements without ignoring the power of the original film. One of the best vampire films I have seen in years even if it is a remake.

Now that I have shared my Top 10 Horror Films of 2010 its time to share a few honourable mentions that did not make my list for a variety of reasons. First off we have LEGION which would have landed at #11 if I decided to make it a Top 11. A popcorn flick packed full of action, religious overtones and angels hell bent on human destruction it was a fun film. Similar to a few other titles on this list it won’t win any filmmaking awards but it will entertain you.

There are three films that did not make my list because I did not watch them for a variety of reasons and they got enough good buzz from fans and critics alike in 2010 they deserve an honourable mention. First off Paranormal Activity 2 which was a smash box office hit and also a huge hit with the fans. For whatever reason I have never been a fan of first person horror and despite the rave reviews I have been unable to bring myself to see Paranormal Activity or Paranormal Activity 2.

Another honourable mention goes to Alexandre Ajas Piranha 3D which was lambasted by critics, trashed by James Cameron and didn’t exactly do wonders in the box office but was loved by die hard horror fans. Last and not least we have the remake of I Spit On Your Grave one of the most controversial shock thrillers of yester year. Anchorbay released it in very limited form and I have not been able to see this one but it gets an honourable mention just for all the buzz from fans and the fact its the one film from 2010 I really wish I could have seen.

So now that you have read My Top 10 Horror Films of 2010 what are your Top 10 and Why?


  1. Moonraker

    I’m happy you included Human Centipede, which is one of the best “mad scientist” films to come along in a long time. Despite it’s dark subject matter the film is actually not very graphic. The premise is cringe-worthy, which is what makes good horror. I would have included “Burning Bright” on your list as well.

    • Anonymous

      Human Centipede is definitely a fun film and your right more implied violence then true gore which is very effective.

    • Anonymous

      Human Centipede is definitely a fun film and your right more implied violence then true gore which is very effective.

  2. Robert

    Does this ‘Michael’, writer of this absurd ‘Top 10 horror films of 2010’ even know what a horror film is? He questions his own inclusions, and for somebody who seems to have such a zest for horror, he sure seems to know next to nothing about it.
    I could tell we were in trouble right from the get go. Resident Evil: Afterlife? Is this actually a list made by someone who claims to have legit film knowledge?
    Book Of Eli? Not a horror.
    The ridiculous Machete: Not a horror.
    Peacock: Whilst a decent film (Note ‘Decent’) It is not a horror. It’s a psychological thriller.
    Shutter Island: Once again, a psychological thriller.
    Predators? A ‘Great script!’ he says. We must have been watching a different film. It was unoriginal, slow, miscast and underwritten, although the direction was in fact, sublime. But that didn’t save us from what was a very ordinary film. Predators is NOT a horror film.
    He then goes on to claim that, as a self confessed horror die hard, he does not have time for ‘First person’ horror films, and therefore has not bothered to see either Paranormal Activity or Paranormal Activity 2. Is he actually being serious? And he claims he’s a horror fan?
    From his list of 10, there are only TWO genuine horror films in there, the others are an insult to the horror genre.
    Any REAL horror fan would NEVER include a top 10 list of from one year: There simply is not the quality to render such a list. Even a Top 5 is pushing it. Top 3 is ideal.
    Please stop writing about horror. You know nothing of it, and until you learn something about it (You could start by actually watching a true ‘Horror’ like Paranormal Activity’ after which you should maybe go easy on the blood and gore which seems to get you so excited) then don’t even bother posting another review. You’re a parody of a reviewer, not a true one.

  3. Very frightening! 2011 should have more of this. It adds to the spice of life. Horror movies are sometimes too morbid. Sometimes they are just unbelievable.

  4. Zela

    And it would be a sin to argue with someone called ‘Beer’. Best poster name ever! I agree. Was a weak year for horror anyhow. Actually, every year gets weaker and weaker. I think top 3 isn’t enough though, surely we can do a top 5 and still have a shred of credibility left by the time we hit 5?
    I can’t wait to see if this guy who wrote the original list does a sci fi top ten. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him include a couple of Rom-Coms in there. “I know it’s not classed as a sci-fi, but…”

  5. Voodoo

    glad you put The Human Centipede in, that film including the “mad scientist” was just grousome and genius.

  6. Bla

    human centiped was shit

  7. I actually agree with Robert. There was no horror film in this post. LOL. But I like how the way he handled it and got a way to justify that this and that is a horror film. But his justification is still not acceptable. LOL

  8. Mike

    “Let the Right One In” should never been remade, the original version was 1000x better

  9. Heavenly

    Let me in was BORING!!! I had such high hopes but it was dull, slow and BORING

  10. crotaluuus

    PLEEEEEAE……. PREDATORS, the BOOK of ELI, RESIDEN EEEEEVIL!!!!!……………… Horror films!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    ni mi abuelita se espantaría con eso.

  11. Watstha

    man this is more like :top 10 worst movies.
    resident evil afterlife,are you serious???!! that movie doesnt have good acting,story.its just 3d bullshit.
    they make wesker look like a complete retard.
    and they just copied scenes from the game thats stupid.

  12. Ste_chachacha

    I gotta say thats a pretty terrible list. If you call something “top ten horror films” then it needs to have ten horror films in the list. Perhaps you should try again.


    Whoever made this list must have been 7 years old. Just because you can’t watch PG-13 movies doesnt mean you have the right to acknowledge them as horror films. Your list out of 10 doesnt even deserve a 0.

    E P I C    F A I L

  14. lolbroek112

    resident evil was much better
    shutter island isn’t even horror and even is machete
    the’re good movies but not horror

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