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June 19th, 2018

Top 10 Biggest Box Office Movies of 2010.

2010 was a pretty good year for film fans and with the year about to come to a close I wanted to take a minute and review the top 10 Box Office Movies of 2010. This list only takes into account the Box office and not the budget. So keep in mind that biggest box office does not always equate to most profitable depending on the production budget which recently has gotten out of control for movies. A prime example of movies with production budgets getting way out of hand is TANGLED which Box Office Mojo has listed with a $260million budget. Yeah you read that right!

So with that all said and out of the way lets take a look at the biggest box office movies of 2010.

#10 – The Karate Kid: This is one of those projects that on paper looks horrible. Produced by OverBrook Pictures which is owned by Will Smith the film starred his son and Jackie Chan and is a retelling of the classic teen-action film. As much as it may have been a vehicle to promote his son and help him follow in his dads foot steps it was actually a surprisingly good film with critics and fans saying good things about the film. Not only did it land at #10 on the Box office for 2010 it also has spawned a sequel which the production team is reportedly hashing out now.

#9 How To Train Your Dragon: How to Train Your Dragon got rave reviews and also was a box office success offering the typical magic that families enjoy so much. How To Train Your Dragon offers writing for both adults and kids and an interesting and original story to entertain the entire audience. Like a few other films on the top 10 list of 2010 this film was released in 3D but as I have said many times before I am not a fan of 3D. Especially 3D done in post production.

#8 Shrek Forever After: Once again I fall into the boat of did not see this one. I frankly had no interest in seeing it. The first Shrek movie was genius, the second movie was fun and from there it has degenerated into mindless sequels made with no other purpose then to squeeze money from our pocket books. I suppose for small children the films are still appealing but for adults looking to enjoy a film with their kids I am not so sure since sequels made for the sake of making them never hold a candle to the magic of the original.

#7 Despicable Me: I just watched this movie the other night with my wife and son and have to admit this is one of the better animated featured to come out in awhile. Starring Steve Carell as Gru a super villain out to take on his rival  the super villain Vector its packed full of great humor, fun characters and writing that will appeal to both adults and kids. If your looking for a really fun family movie then be sure to buy this one while the boxing day sales continue!

#6 Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Similar to Twilight I am not a Harry Potter fan. The first film was also the last film that I watched. I never read the books, never got into the movies but much like Twilight it has made the studio a boat load of cash. Also like Twilight the studio made the decision to ‘tell the last story over two films’ and just like with Summit to me this is nothing but a cash grab. But in fairness that isn’t all bad. Studios make twice the money at the box office and fans of Harry Potter get an extra film. So it should be if done correctly a win win.. not a win loose!

#5 Inception: Christopher Nolan is a genius and Inception got rave reviews but I am going to enrage alot of you and say ‘meh it was ok’. I liked the film but found that the dream sequences were just a bit to fast paced and left my brain feeling like it just went through a juicer. A well written thriller with unique characters and an outstanding script its easily one of the best thrillers of the last 5 years but it is not the genius and genre defining film that some critics made it out to be. It doesn’t help that the entire story for inception appears to be ripped off from a Scrooge McDuck comic book.

#4 The Twilight Saga Eclipse Part 1: I really cannot say much about Twilight since I am not a fan and have never seen any of the films. I am not their demographic. From what fans have said it was a pretty good film and there is no denying that the film franchise has made Summit Entertainment a mountain of cash. With shoe string budgets and massive Box Office numbers the film franchise has been incredibly successful. The move to split the last book in the series into two films may have been presented as ‘we needed two films to tell the story’ but lets be honest Summit needs two films to line their piggy banks more. Two movies equals double the box office mojo!

#3  Iron Man 2: I loved the original Iron Man and think that the creative genius of Jon Favreau mixed with great comic book material and Robert Downey Junior resulted in one of the best comic book movies ever. Although Iron Man 2 was a fun film and landed #3 for biggest box office of 2010 it unfortunately was not anywhere near as good as the original. Where the original Iron Man was witty, fun, and dark the sequel lacked the charm of the original and felt at best rushed and at worst a cash grab. Hopefully Iron Man 3 which Jon Favreau is not returning to direct can bring Iron Man back to form. If not there is always the Avengers which begins shooting this April in New Mexico.

#2 Alice in Wonderland : I am a huge fan of Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland was a fun film but it suffered severely from horrible 3D. While everyone else saw AVATAR in 3D I was not able to and so Alice in Wonderland was my first 3D experience and is a prime example of a creative and talented director having his work squandered by piss poor 3d. Alice in Wonderland is your classic Burton / Depp project filled with dark characters, quirky writing and a world that only Burton could dream up. All around its a fun film but one that should not have been released in 3D the way that it was. The project was sold based on it being in 3D trying to capitalize on the success of AVATAR and clearly it did but I am sure I am not alone in my feelings that it was a headache inducing 3D experience and a great example of how 3D can ruin a film.

#1 Toy Story 3: Toy Story is one of my favourite film franchises because it offers alot for kids but also adults. Toy Story 3 made a ridiculous amount of money for Disney at the Box Office and even more on DVD and spin off merchandise. Toy Story 3 is a cash cow for the studio and although this third film appears to be the last I fully expect to see a spin off character coming soon in its own film franchise. Toy Story 3 is a billion dollar movie when you account for dvds, ticket sales and toy story lunch boxes and alarm clocks. It is a fantastic film and one that everyone should see but be warned if you have small children they might not enjoy it as much as you do. My 3 year old was terrified during the end of the film.


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    how do you find free movie :)

  2. Booboo Davila

    loved the top three movies esp. Iron Man 3. mmmmmm rdj.

  3. Noemail

    If you missed Shrek 4 that was your mistake. IMHO it was almost as spell binding as the orginal. Well put together movie and very moving and emotional parts. and defenatly way better then 2 or 3, I loved it.

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  5. Toy Story 3 made my daughters cry. LOL. I watched Despicable Me with my son and it was really enjoyable. karate Kid is also exceptional. But I was expecting more from Jackie Chan.

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