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May 24th, 2018

Is Tony Scott The Perfect Director To Guide Jack Bauer On The Big Screen?

In a recent interview, longtime producer of the TV show “24” Howard Gordon hinted at a rumor that Tony Scott had contacted or wanted to contact Kiefer Sutherland about an idea for a big screen version of the show. The idea for a movie version has been kicked around for years now and Sutherland has not made it a secret how much he would like to play Jack Bauer in a movie.

The show was not renewed by Fox due to declining ratings and the fact that the show had a budget the size of the gross domestic product of Malaysia. Or Siam. Or another very small country. It’s been off the radar screen of the overall general public for quite awhile now, so if Fox is going to move on this movie, they had better do it soon. At some point, the movie could be released and not a soul will care. Who knows, that may already be the case.

In my opinion, Tony Scott is the perfect director for a “24” movie. There isn’t a director working today that captures vigilante justice quite like Tony Scott. The only difficult thing to do will be to find new ways for Jack Bauer to interrogate people on film. The show had pretty much exhausted all the different methods of getting people to talk.

Oddly enough, today is Kiefer Sutherland’s 44th birthday. I’m holding out hope that Kiefer gets a green light for this movie as a gift.

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  1. I guess he is. Actually Jack is already a great actor for me as I watch him of 24hours series. I just hope that everything will be great in his movie.

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