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December 16th, 2018

Thor Trailer is Online

…and, as soon as the trailer gets described, 24 hours later the Thor trailer debuts online via Yahoo Movies. If you checked out the Thor footage from Comic-Con back when that leaked, it’s pretty much the same thing except shorter with a few new bits here and there.

And I (still) like what I see. I dig that the Odin-son gets to do some hand-to-hand combat and show off that he’s good at hitting people even when he doesn’t have a hammer. It’s got Frost Giants and Idris Elba and at least one of the Warriors Three (Tadanobu Asano as Hogun). And there are some really great shots, too.

I wish the whole thing took place in Asgard (it looks like it has the same formula of EVERY superhero movie going back to Tim Burton’s Batman), but it’s got a hammer and gods and hitting, and that goes a long way. I imagine the initial reception of Flash Gordon (one of the greatest movies ever made) scares a lot of studios away from full-on off-world fantasy action. Then again, Lord of the Rings was huge. But, regardless: Thor. Awesome.

My favorite part remains the inclusion of The Destroyer — an enchanted suit of armor that, in the comics, was created by Odin and repeatedly hijacked by Loki. More importantly, it shoots lasers from its face.

What do you guys think?

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  1. This movie is really super full of action and fighting scenes. I can’t wait to watch this on big screen. I think trailer will not tell the movie if it is good or not. You should just better watch the whole movie.

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