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September 23rd, 2018

Stocking Stuffer: Top 10 Christmas Movies

In just a few short days people all over the world will be gathering around their trees and sharing gifts with one another, spending time with friends and family and just enjoying the Christmas holiday. Christmas for me since I was young was always filled with movies; rather I was getting them as presents or having them on in the background while spending time with family it’s always been a big part of my holiday.

I have read several lists of favorite Christmas movies and one thing I noticed was that there are many Christmas movies that I have never seen, mostly because they are older films and I just haven’t been able to check them out. I also noticed that my taste in Christmas films varied in that my enjoyment doesn’t come from the film being specifically about Christmas and they mostly take place around the holiday so rather than being directly related the holiday is merely the background. That is not the case for all of my favorite Christmas movies however, so I decided to share the movies that I enjoy watching over the Christmas holiday. As always feel free to share your favorites and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

10. Jingle All The Way – I admit that JINGLE ALL THE WAY is far from being a fantastic movie, but at the same time I can’t help but have a lot of fun watching it. It actually has a lot of good laughs and it’s a lot of fun watching Sinbad and the Governator fight for the year’s hottest toy, Turboman. Plus I have a hard time not laughing at Arnold getting into a huge battle royal with a warehouse full of Santa con men.

9. The Santa Clause – I really enjoyed the first installment of the Tim Allen trilogy, the other two were a little lackluster but I always enjoy putting this one on in the background while I’m wrapping presents for my family. I have to admit that the little boy in the film actually kind of gets on my nerves, but I really enjoy Tim Allen in this one.

8. Gremlins – I absolutely loved the Gremlins movies when I was younger. They both terrified me and made me laugh; and now I just love spending time with these ugly little creatures and the adorable Gizmo. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the film and now just talking about it makes me want to watch it. It takes places around the Christmas holiday hence its inclusion on the list.

7. Scrooged – Nothing says Christmas like just about any version of the timeless classic A Christmas Carol. Personally, I go for the more unconventional and this version with Bill Murray usually always hits the spot when I’m feeling a little Bah Humbug. This was also always a regular around this time of year when the snow was falling and the Nintendo was taking cooling off.

6. Batman Returns – When I was younger I never really associated Christmas with Batman, except if I had asked for something Batman related as a gift. Now as with other movies on the list BATMAN RETURNS the holiday is more a backdrop than the focus of the Catwoman/Penguin fiasco. When I got older it never seemed quite right to celebrate Christmas without The Dark Knight. I don’t fully expect that Nolan will be decking the halls in his next Batman film, but I wouldn’t complain, in fact it might make me even more excited for it.

5. Ghostbusters 2 – Who doesn’t want Slimer to show up and eat all their Christmas dinner, or drive their local bus? Again, not a conventional way to celebrate the holiday, but when you get too old to leave cookies and milk for Santa why not hum a little Ghostbusters theme song and pop some popcorn while the gang wisecracks their way through some pink slime and walks the Statue of Liberty through the streets of New York.

4. Bad Santa – If SCROOGED doesn’t quite satisfy your need for Bah Humbug attitude or mean spirited non-holiday cheer the Billy Bob Thorton will fix that with his character’s portrayal of a drunken foul mouthed Santa that is anything but fat and jolly. The perplexing thing about BAD SANTA is why any mall owner would hire Thorton considering he doesn’t really have that winning personality or the belly to fit the character. Regardless, the film is hysterical and is always there when I need a good dark Christmas laugh.

3. Home Alone – When I was younger I loved HOME ALONE so much that when I went into the hair salon to get my haircut I actually asked them to cut my hair like Buzz, Kevin’s brother from the film. Odd I know, but I was young so that’s gonna be my excuse. HOME ALONE always seems to fill me with the Christmas spirit with the nice old man, the Christmas music and just being a fun and goofy comedic ride. The sequels aside from the second were extremely ‘meh’ but I always preferred the calling card of the Wet Bandits than the Sticky Bandits.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas – One of the only films that gets regular rotation on two completely opposite holidays. As much as I love revisiting Jack the Pumpkin King on Halloween it always gives me more holiday cheer around Christmas in some weird way considering the film is full of corpses, witches, vampires and monsters. No matter which holiday the songs are memorable and instantly catchy and get me into the holiday spirit almost immediately.

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Christmas just isn’t complete until I get to see Clark Griswold fighting his way through flaming cats and Christmas trees, annoying relatives, greedy bosses, and pesky Christmas lights. I also just can’t fully get into that holiday spirit until Clark spouts off his rant that ends with “Hallelujah, holy sh*t!” You won’t find me out cutting down oversized evergreen trees, cutting dry turkey or eating disgusting green jello, but I’m always happy to spend Christmas watching the Griswold family do it with hysterical results.


  1. you cant forget the Christmas Classic A Christmas Story

  2. Gremlims is always my favorite Christmas movie. I always love its characters and everything. I will surely love to have an another next part movie of that.

  3. I watch all of these and I always used to see most of this as a bad movie about Santa Claus. But I love the Gremlims too.

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