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March 22nd, 2019

Universal Planning a Double Dose of Stephen King Remakes

Over the years filmmakers have been trying time and time again to bring one of Stephen King’s books to life on the big screen. All of them being met with varying degrees of success (THE MIST being the most recent and one that I personally love) and with the wide variety of books he’s written that still haven’t had a film adaptation you’d think a remake was out of the question…and you’d be wrong. According to Variety, Universal is planning to give FIRESTARTER new life with Dino De Laurentiis Co. and Mark L. Smith tapped to write the script.

The original film starred Drew Barrymore as a young girl with the ability to start fires with only the use of her mind. No other details about the reboot are immediately available, but check out the full story over at Variety. The article also mentions that there is a MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE remake in the works as well, but no other details are given.

I admittedly don’t read a lot of books, but I do enjoy browsing bookstores and reading what certain books are about; and while checking out the Stephen King section, I spied one of his new novels that I think would be interesting to see on the big screen called, “Under the Dome.” I’d love to see the Stephen King version of this on the big screen someday but for now we’ll just have to re-watch THE SIMPSONS MOVIE and the upcoming remakes.


  1. Trazadone

    “I admittedly don’t read a lot of books” You shouldn’t brag about that. When I hear that I immediately think, “dumb person”.

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