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May 25th, 2018

Spielberg Is Going To End The World On TNT’s “Falling Skies”

It’s been a long Christmas break for me (mostly due to travel delays) and I’ve missed plenty of movies, trailers, news, etc. However, I did take time to check out this preview of the new Dreamworks TV show “Falling Skies”. It seems like another version of aliens come to Earth and eventually try to kill us all, a la every single alien movie. After watching the trailer, it looks like “The Walking Dead” but aliens replace zombies.

The show stars Noah Wylie (and a very impressive beard), Moon Bloodgood, and the always great Will Patton. Yes, it’s true that I mostly like Patton because his character’s nickname in “Armageddon” is the same as mine, but he’s great nonetheless. I’m not a big fan of Bloodgood. I thought she was simply awful in the latest Terminator movie and almost ruined the short-lived TV series “Journeyman” for me. However, Wylie, who I normally find irritating, looks pretty tough in this. It simply must be that beard.


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