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June 21st, 2018

The Sexiest Actresses of 2010

Its kind of ironic that some of the sexiest roles of 2010 also involve some of the worst films of 2010 which at some point one of us will do a column on. 2010 was a year filled with great films and incredibly bad films and something they all had in common were sexy actresses that steamed up the big screen. This is my tribute to The Sexiest Actresses of 2010, regardless of how good the film was or was not.

Megan Fox ( Jonah Hex ): First up on the list is Megan Fox for her portrayal of a prostitute in Jonah Hex. Her character like the rest of the film was a complete debacle and could easily make a ‘Do not Buy’ list that any fan can respect. But anyway you cut it Megan Fox was pretty darn sexy in her getup!

Scarlett Johansson ( Iron Man 2 ) I am not a huge fan of Scarlett and for me Emily Blunt was a better choice for Black Widow in Iron Man 2 but that does not take away from the fact that Scarlett is anything but hard on the eyes.

Emily Blunt ( Gullivers Travels ). Emily Blunt didn’t get to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2 because of her schedule but  she makes our list because of the Jack Black comedy Gullivers Travels which opened this past Christmas . I have not seen it but one thing is for certain Emily Blunt brings her distinct beauty to this family fare that may or may not be worth seeing.

Alice Eve ( Shes Out of My League / Sex & The City 2 ) I had never even heard of Alice Eve before the promotional materials for Shes Out of My League came out but clearly I do now. She is a stunning up and comer who starred in two big films in 2010 t. I did not see She’s Out of My League or Sex & The City 2 but I think her beauty is obvious.

Alice Braga ( Repo Men / Predators ): Alice Braga is a very distinct beauty and the closest comparison is she reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez. She has been in alot of genre flicks lately from I Am Legend to Repo Men and Predators. Repo Men was horrible but Alice Braga was still smoking up the big screen with her enticing accent.

Gemma Arterton ( Prince of Persia ) I do not know what it is about Gemma but she is definitely hot all of a sudden. I first saw her in The Dissapearance of Alice Creed ( where she does a nude scene ) and she is as talented as she is stunning. Prince of Persia is a TERRIBLE movie and does not do her talents justice. If you want to see more of her talents checkout The Disssapearance of Alice Creed. A fantastic film which as noted is nsff ( not safe for family has nudity / violence ).

Zoe Saldana ( The Losers ) I should say I am sorry I guess for putting two horrible movies back to back but at least the actresses I am going to mention is one of the hottest. Zoe Saldana first hit my radar in JJ Abrams Star Trek and in The Losers she takes on  a strong, sexual role that shows off her stunning exotic look and talents as an actress.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead ( Scott Pilgrim vs The World ). I saw Scott Pilgrim the other day… or should I say I watched 40% of it before I had to run an errand and I can understand why its a  love hate. You either love it or you hate it and I am still not sure which category I am in since I have not finished the film. That said whether you loved the film or you hated it there is no denying how beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead is and how the chemistry between her and Michael Cera really delivers.

Emma Stone ( Easy A ). Once again was not particularly familiar with Emma Stone until she appeared in ZombieLand which is easily one of the best zombie films to come out of Hollywood. This year Emma starred in Easy A which luke reviewed. The witty teen comedy offers a nice mix of laughs, wit and sexuality.

Natalie Portman ( Black Swan ): Black Swan is the movie of the year if you listen to the critics. Luke and The Dude have both seen it and reviewed it and had nothing but glowing reports. Natalie Portman shines in it and is getting Oscar Buzz for her role. She will smoke up the big screen in Your Highness in 2011 as was proven in her thong-tastic photos from the trailer which hit the web in November. Natalie Portman created alot of buzz with her role in Black Swan not just for her acting but her highly erotic sex scene with Mila Kunis.

Olivia Wilde ( Tron Legacy ): Olivia Wilde is hot in a big kind of way with fan boys. She was in Tron Legacy and also stars in Jon Favreaus Cowboys vs Aliens alongside Daniel Craig. I haven’t seen enough of her films to judge her abilities just yet but stunning she definitely is.

Salma Hayek ( Grown Ups ) : Last on my list but certainly not last in my heart is Salma Hayek. I have had a crush on her since her early days in Robert Rodriguez’s Dusk Til Dawn and she followed that up with an even better role in Kevin Smiths Dogma. She lands on this list for Adam Sandlers Grown Ups which was grade a toilet humor but that does not take away from the fact that Salma was in it.. and shes hot!


  1. maven

    Just got back from Black Swan and I LOVED it. The above mentioned scene was incredibly sexy. I am so happy to see that Kunis finally grew into her face (LOL). I always thought she was cute but she has grown into a gorgeous woman.

    • Anonymous

      ive not seen black swan yet unfortunately but i really feel Mila Kunis is finally finding her own. She was fantastic also in Book of Eli and with the right material she just shines!

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  4. Wow! I really love these women and they are indeed all sexy. Especially Zoe Saldana her blackness makes her more sexy.

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  6. Mtvalenzuelaii

    Wow! No Michelle Rogriguez from Machete!

  7. Mtvalenzuelaii

    Wow! No Michelle Rodriguez from Machete!

  8. Megan….Fox..too….much! LOL. Megan Fox never fails to awe people in each and every movie she makes. She is really darn sexy! Well, not just physically but also with her appeal and the way she talks in Jonah Hex! Damn! I can’t take too much of it!

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