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April 26th, 2018

Ridley Scott Gets A Name For His Alien Prequel

For some reason, there has been all kinds of conjecture surrounding Ridley Scott’s planned “Alien” prequel. There was talk that Scott wanted an eleventy bazillion dollar budget and after Fox shot him down, he was going to walk entirely. Then, there is word that the movie was postponed indefinitely. Now, Vulture is reporting that not only is the prequel going full steam ahead, it’s got an official name.

“Paradise”. It’s called “Paradise”. Meh. As a card carrying member of The Ridley Scott Fan Club, I normally just nod in agreement to everything the guy does. Yes, including the sub-standard “Robin Hood”. Is a title that big of a deal? Not really, so let’s move on to something more important if in fact there is anything.

Not only is Vulture reporting the title, they are claiming that the delay rumor was because Ridley Scott wanted to cast Leonardo DiCaprio in the flick and Leo went with the other kickass 70-year old director, Clint Eastwood, instead. Can you imagine life as DiCaprio? He will never work with anything but the best directors for the rest of his career.

You may be wondering why Michelle Yeoh is seen here. First of all, duh, look at her. Second of all, her and Michael Fassbender are negotiating to be in “Paradise”. I’m all for it, as Yeoh looked, I mean, was great in the highly underrated “Sunshine”. Fassbender continues to make all kinds of noise, which seems to be based off his ten to fifteen minutes of screentime in “Inglourious Basterds”.


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