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June 20th, 2018

Ray Wise to Join X-Men: First Class

Ray Wise is an awesome actor who has what I consider to be an Udo Kier insensity about him. Dear god Udo Kier is frightening, and I know this because I’ve locked eyes with him in real life. Wise has been in such wonderful projects Twin Peaks and RoboCop and was smartly (notice I didn’t say “wisely”) cast as a The Devil in the CW monster hunting slacker series Reaper. Oh, and he as the vice president in the fifth season on 24.

You’ll notice that nearly all those major roles involve wearing suits. He’s one of those actors who’s going to spend most of his career playing businessmen and politicians, and that’s going to carry on to his role in X-Men: First Class where, according to IGN, he will be playing the US Secretary of State.

Which is cool, but disappointing. I was hoping to hear of him playing some really awesome major role like Bolivar Trask, but he’s going to obviously play those guys we see in meeting rooms discussing what to do about the mutant menace. In other words, he’s the company of such character actors as Bruce Davison and Bill Duke — who, coincidentally, played Bolivar Trask in a meeting room discussing the mutant menace.


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