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May 24th, 2018

Mila Kunis and Adam Scott In Talks for Seth MacFarlane’s Ted

I hate everything Seth MacFarlane is producing these days ever since Family Guy returned to TV and proved a pathetic parody of its former self. However, I think MacFarlane is a funny guy (just look at his Twitter) and I’m really curious to see how he fares making his live action directorial debut, Ted.

Ted is the story of how “a young boy made a Christmas wish that his teddy bear would come to life and be his best friend forever,” and, now an adult, the former young boy is still living with his teddy bear buddy, who’s grown into a major asshole. We can assume that this adult man learns how to grow up.

According to the Heat Vision Blog, Mark Wahlberg is already in talks to star, with Mila Kunis (y’know, Meg from Family Guy) is in talks to play the love interest while Adam Scott is — surprise! — in talks to play a prick, this time Kunis’ prick of a boss. Adam Scott is as hilarious as often as he plays a D-bag, though one of his best turns was in the short-lived series Party Down.

As we hear about more comedic actors being cast in this movie, expect my excitement to increase or decrease.


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