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May 20th, 2018

Kevin Smith’s Red State Accepted To Sundance 2011

Director Kevin Smith has spoken several times on his various podcasts that he submitted his newest film, RED STATE, for Sundance consideration. Smith announced on his newest Smodcast Network podcast “Plus One” that RED STATE will indeed be shown at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, hinting that an announcement would be made today, December 2nd.

RED STATE is said to follow a group of people that go face to face with a crazed group of fundamentalists. Kevin Smith has several podcasts that he appears on aside from his flagship show Smodcast; he also has a podcast dedicated to his new film called “Red State of the Union,” in which he has debuted the teaser trailer and two clips to his new film, as well as interviewing the crew involved in the film. RED STATE has not been purchased for distribution so aside from Sundance there is no other release plans set. The film stars Michael Parks, Kyle Gallner, Melissa Leo and more and is Kevin Smith’s first foray into the horror/thriller genre.

I am a big Kevin Smith fan; I’ve seen all of his movies and while I didn’t love them all I think he has a great comedic sensibility. I listen to all of the podcast in the Smodcast Network and from what I’ve heard from the teaser, clips and comments from people who saw each of them, it sounds as if Kevin Smith has really stepped up his game for RED STATE. Of course we will see for sure when RED STATE hits theaters later on next year, but being a Kevin Smith fan and a fan of horror it’s safe to say I will be there opening weekend.


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