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May 24th, 2018

Heath Ledger Will Not Return in The Dark Knight Rises

Honestly, I should have written this update article as soon as I wrote the one reporting the rumor. Instead, I’m doing it now that official word has gotten out: no, Heath Ledger will not be in The Dark Knight Rises via CGI-assisted cut footage from The Dark Knight or voodoo zombie resurrection rituals (which was the more likely method).

This shocking revelation comes from the Heat Vision Blog, who asked Chris Nolan and his producing partner Emma Thomas about the totally ridiculous rumor. Said Thomas: “We’re not doing that.” That settles that. According to Nolan, the script isn’t even done yet.

It’s hilarious that we even thought that was going to happen, but the possibility totally makes sense in this horrifying dystopic era we live in, where Tron Legacy features a Jeff Bridges de-aged by CG and Fred Astaire dances with a vacuum cleaner. I remember a few years ago there was talk of a new Bruce Lee movie where the kung-fu legend was resurrected via a CG actor. Anything is possible, and we should be very frightened.


  1. Is this really true? He really looks nice but what happen that the decision becomes like that. I think they should explain more especially for people who are expecting he will be on that movie.

  2. Sk8

    No shit. He died in 2008.

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