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June 21st, 2018

Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy? Not Bad At All

We learned awhile back that Emma Stone was cast as Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Marc Webb-directed “Spider Man” movie. The entire geek community was quite confused as it seemed to make sense for Stone, a redhead, to play Mary Jane Watson, who is also a redhead. It just added to the hilarity that in Sam Raimi’s “Spider Man” movies, a blond Kirsten Dunst was cast to play the redheaded Mary Jane. Oh Hollywood…you’re so silly.

Today, JustJared has some shots of Emma Stone at an event over the weekend…with her blond Gwen Stacy hair. Um. Yeah, so I think we all need to trust Marc Webb and Company on this one. I mean, whoa. My apologies as I really don’t have much else to say about this other than more mono-syllabic words like “wow” or “damn”.

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  1. Funkymonky

    Actually Emma stone is a natural blonde who dyes her hair red.

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