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October 16th, 2018

Dexter May Return For Season 6

Currently enjoying exceptionally high ratings while running in its fifth season, “Dexter” may be returning for season 6. While Showtime has yet to confirm the ongoing rumor, the show which gained 2.54 million viewers last week, is destined to continue – according to the laws of American showbiz.

Initially based on the novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay, the show premiered in 2006 and created TV’s first loveable sociopath killer (a forensics expert on the surface) that charmed the whole world. Telling the story from Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall’s) point of view, with a hint of irony and contempt for his colleagues at Miami police department (ignorant of his identity), it also gave an unexpected new angle to a traditional crime drama. But it was all of those elements combined that made the show a sensational success.

After the first two seasons, producers, no longer relying solely on their lead’s charming persona, started bringing in guest stars as screen partners for Dexter, starting with Jimmy Smiths (“Star Wars,” “The West Wing) in season 3. In season 4 John Lithgow played the notorious Trinity killer (he picked up an Emmy for that), while the currently running episodes feature as many as three celebrity guests, including Peter Weller, Jonny Lee Miller and Julia Stiles. Judging by the rating, the star-presence is paying off big, and due to show’s popularity, celebrities may well start lining up to make an appearance in the next season of “Dexter” (if it does happen).

For those not familiar with the latest developments in the show, a quick recap. Having found his wife Rita lifeless in a bloodbath in the previous season’s finale, Dexter was having a hard time getting back on track and playing single dad to his baby son. That was until along came Lumen (Stiles) – a physically and morally abused victim of a bunch of sadists whom he discovered in the house of a murderer he just killed. First reluctantly and then excitedly he starts helping Lumen track down her torturers (and almost killers – they finished off all previous victims), when Jordan Chase (Miller) – celebrity author of a motivational bestseller falls under their suspicion. In the meantime, a corrupt policeman (Weller), initially hired by Joey Quinn to spy on Dexter, is watching him day and night.


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