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May 24th, 2018

Who Will Be The Big Winner & Replace Favreau As Director Of Iron Man 3?

The news came down yesterday that Jon Favreau will not be directing the third installment of the “Iron Man” franchise. There are plenty of rumors and conjecture out there that this is due to Marvel Studios getting a bit too involved in the sequel and a falling out between Favreau and star Robert Downey Jr. Is it weird that speculation that Favs and Downey aren’t besties makes me sad? That’s how much I like those two guys. Well, except for when Favs made “Zathura”. Yuck.

Today, Favreau commented on his departure, citing a desire to make a family movie like “Elf”. Being a big fan of “Elf”, this isn’t the worst news ever. However, his plans to direct “The Magic Kingdom”, reportedly a “Night At The Museum”-ish look at the Disney theme park, is very, very distressing. Come on. Is there any way that movie won’t be completely and unequivocally awful?

So who should replace Favs? Well, why not Joss Whedon? Could he pull off the directing duo of “The Avengers” and “Iron Man 3”? I’m sure that Marvel would accommodate him if he wanted to do it. Personally, I think you go after someone like Duncan Jones or Edgar Wright. It would be cool to get an accomplished, but new director in there.

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  1. Shellew

    I doubt if the fight or disagreement is between Jon and Robert. They are too close for that and they felt the same way about how Iron Man 2 turned out. I think maybe the pressures of making another successful sequel might be getting to be too much for Jon. He has already said that he wants to do a film with ‘no’ expectations involved. To me that sounds alot like fear of maybe not meeting publics expectations. If Robert is upset at all – it is only because he is not limited by or afraid of expectations. While Jon apparently is. Also, I believe there was a money issue. Jon demanded and got $10 million to direct Iron Man 2. The lead actor – Robert was paid only $10 million. A director, “making more than it’s lead actor is a little bit silly” – unless your Speilberg or Lucas. Now Jon wanted (reportedly), $12-$15 million to stay around for Iron Man 3 ? Robert Downey Jr. only commands between $10-$12 million a movie. If I was Marvel. I would show him the door also. Jon should not make more than Robert. Robert is the face and personality that is Tony Stark/Iron Man, without Robert Iron Man would not exist. Greed on Jon’s part probably also played a huge part in his decision. However, I still don’t think I would leave a Billion Dollar series of movies to make, “Night At Disneyland”. That is fool hardy and just ridiculous. Maybe he can get Ben Stiller to be in his movie so we can all be spared another, “Night At The Museum” movie. Either that or God forbid – both might come out the same year – OUCH !!!!

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