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May 24th, 2018

Witch Hunt Review

If you want to be truly terrified and enraged all in the same breath I have just the documentary to make you feel that way, Witch Hunt. With Hunt which is narrated by Sean Penn is the kind of documentary movie that will leave a mark on you and make you question everything you ever thought was ‘justice’. If you are an innocent man or woman who has never broken a law in your life… this movie shows just how easily your life can be taken away under the pretext of justice.

This movie tells the story of Bakersfield California a place where the slogan was ‘come for a visit, leave on probation’ and focuses specifically on the largest and most heinous child sex ring I have ever read about. Children pimped out by their own parents, tortured, given away for sex to their neighbours and worse…. statanic murderous cults were children were brutalized, murdered and sacrificed. As shocking and disgusting as the whole story is the reason you need to pay attention is the whole entire story was an absolute and complete fabrication. The local District Attorney and investigating Detectives of the Bakersfield police department put mothers, fathers, neighbours and parents in jail after for whatever reason coaxing children to admit to being sexually abused.

The story is tragic, disturbing and sad and will make you think twice about those news headlines of criminals next door being arrested and sent to prison for a heinous crime. In the case of Bakersfield California you have to wonder how many people are still to this day rotting in prison for crimes they did not commit.

Almost all of the charges against the accused were reversed after anywhere from 6 to 20 years behind bars in high security prisons. Not only were they victimized by the justice system but living behind bars known as the worst of the worst of child molesters they were victimized even more by inmates and guards.

Although it appears most of them have finally found justice and been vindicated sadly some of the people convicted died in prison labelled as ‘child molesters’ and were not given the opportunity to have their names cleared. Witch Hunt is a shocking and disturbing look at a local District Attorney and a local Sherriff’s Department and how a system of justice became so unhinged that law abiding citizens were sent to prison for absolutely nothing but fabricated stories of the most heinous crimes ever committed.

Witch hunt is easily the most disturbing tale of injustice I have ever seen and is the kind of movie that explains why so many people are on the fringes, hate the government and despise authorities. Easily one of the most disturbing movies I have seen in a very long time. Even more disturbing, the District Attorney who was responsible is still the District Attorney to this day having won 7 re-elections and in 2006 elected without even having an opponent to run against. I am a huge proponent of law and order and hard line punishment, you might even call it an eye for an eye but I now question just how easily I could stomach this justice when in this case so clearly innocent men and women living normal lives had their entire future thrown away by no wrong doing of theirs.

A must see documentary!


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