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April 21st, 2019

Walking Dead Xbox ZUNE Subscribers Enraged

I woke up this morning bright and early to watch Episode 3 of The Walking Dead [ Walking Dead Episode 3 Review ]  and was frankly shocked when I loaded up my Xbox and the latest episode Tell it To The Frogs was not available for me to watch. I paid for the entire season up front so that I could get each episode and when the 3rd episode wasnt downloaded I thought perhaps I missed something or had a glitch.

I posted this morning about it and readers have been writing in complaining that I am very much not alone. I can tell you that as of now 5:30pm EST Walking Dead Episode 3 is still not available and Microsoft is apparently not concerned.

Users are clearly upset and are calling Microsoft as RiskGirl put it ‘flipping out’. For those wondering what Microsoft has to say Kris one of our readers says he was told the following when he called and complained;

Same problem, I called zune support too. They don’t know anything. All they could tell me is to call back Saturday if it’s not in the library by then. That’s some bullshit, it’s available on iTunes already! I don’t know what microsoft’s problem is but I’m definitely not renewing my live subscription. That appletv is looking pretty good about now.

Needless to say if I have to wait till Saturday to watch Walking Dead Episode 3 its going to definitely turn me off the ZUNE subscription service. I suppose the lesson here is dont pay for something up front since you never know what you will get .. or in this case not get. I suppose you might find some small comfort in watching the latest Walking Dead Preview Video for Episode 4 but it makes me feel barely better since who knows when we will be able to watch it!

Update: Episode 3 is now finally available on ZUNE but if you bought the season pass your in for a rude awakening. You are going to be made to pay Twice for it. Walking Dead Double Billing Customers


  1. Angry Xbox Subscriber

    Having the same problem.

  2. Fhgdd

    thats why you don’t pay shit all and you watch stuff on the internet and still watch it before you guys, or normally around the same time

  3. Graffkidwiz1

    enraged doesnt adequately explain where i am right now about this

  4. Graffkidwiz1

    enraged doesnt adequately explain where i am right now about this

  5. Jess

    It sucks but the $30-$50 I spend a week on Zune makes not having $100+ dollar cable bills every month well worth it. Down with Cable!
    But it does suck, I was hoping to watch episode 3 while eating dinner tonight …in like five minutes.

  6. Babyface

    Same here, I’ve been looking for it all day, FU Zune!

  7. GermanRedrum

    Zune hella sucks! Is Episode 3 still sitting on some a-holes in-basket??

  8. wigspl1t

    I use both zune and amazon video, I like amazon video because they always have it @ 4am Monday morning. I am so glad I didn’t purchase a pass on zune like I was going too, I think I will just buy it on whichever has it first every week. I must admit I like zune better tho because it has a better video player and loads HD content much faster. I only seem to get 2 bars out of 4 the whole time watching it on amazon and it never seems to reach HD, also there’s not a place to download it to really on amazon video or my blu-ray player and on zune you can download the show to your xbox then watch it if you don’t want any streaming interference. It is still better than nothing tho. Last week Guts came on zune around 3 or so and I was happy with that so I bought that episode, but this time around when I was waiting till 4 I was irate but then amazon video saved the day.

  9. I’m just as angry as the next person! There is no reason that episode 3 shouldn’t be up there! I bought Microsoft points for nothing!!!

  10. HMTKSteve

    Anyone else who purchased the season pass find themselves being charged per episode today?

    • Junito91

      OMFG wtf wrong, im being charged to

    • AngryDude

      Yep. I really think this will be the end of me and Zune purchases. I’m pretty happy with Amazon too, but I thought I’d try something different. First problem was the shows take way too long to download, a 1.5G game on the Xbox can come down in an hour, but the first 3.2G episode of TWD took about 6-7. Then the episodes were delayed – and now I have to wait for them to fix the purchase SNAFU with season pass, if they do (I hope without me calling).

  11. Timboski

    Ok so now its up on zune but why do i have to pay for it again. I bought the season pass and its pissing me off. Its also taking forever to download WTF!

  12. Annie

    wow that sucks… if Zune don’t fix it pronto then there’ll be a lot of customers going off to torrents.

  13. Dependable_skeleton101

    Man, I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one having this problem, haha. I spent all day logging into my Zune software at work in hopes that I could start watching the episode… nothing. Got home and expected it to be “ready to watch” on the 360… nothing. Woke up this morning to see if it finally showed up… yes, but that will be 240 MS points. No thanks! I called customer service and they said they are working on it, but I hope this doesn’t happen again. The second episode was up and running the next morning (which was awesome), so maybe this is just a fluke. Whatever you do, don’t purchase it again! I know you want to watch it, but this episode wasn’t THAT good. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t good enough to pay for twice. :)

  14. Masonyuno

    It’s tech. Convenient (except when it interrupts your pathetic lives) tech. Grow some perspective. It’s always going to be a battle between convenience and reliability with regard to cloud-based TV. And with tech the X-factor is always looming. Defect to Apple and see how soon you get pissed off. Dumba**es.

  15. mizzle

    Those that bought the Season Pass and then bought the episode as well are getting refunded for the purchase of the episode.

  16. Benevolent27

    Do you have to pay on fee for all the seasons or a new fee for each new season??

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