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March 25th, 2019

Walking Dead Season 2 Is Coming

A second season of Walking Dead is inevitable and Frank Darabont has talked about it in length and provided some great details. In an interview at Comic Con with CBR he talked about where the second season will take us. Season 1 is currently only six episodes which frankly is sad because since we are already at Episode 2 ‘Guts’ that means we are almost half way through it and once it ends what are all us zombie loving fans going to watch?

Walking Dead Season 2 Darabont has revealed would take us into the second book and introduce some of the fantastic winter visuals that Volume 2 of Walking Dead did so well. Although Fangoria said from an on set source that Walking Dead Season 2 was going to shoot in February of 2011 it has since been debunked by AMC who have said they have not yet made that decision. Allow me to play captain obvious and tell you all categorically that Walking Dead Season 2 is going to come.  5.3 million people tuned in to watch Episode 1, Days Gone Bye making it the highest rated series premiere on Cable TV in 2010. Walking Dead is so popular it is currently the 36th most popular search term on Google. Think about that number for a second. 36th out of all the possible things you could be searching google for. THAT is an impressive number.

Given these numbers the only way that AMC does not greenlight a sequel will be if they have some producers who worked on Firefly currently employed working on The Walking Dead and making decisions. As huge as Walking Dead is and as massive as the buzz is for it right now FireFly was also a huge hit with fan boys although probably not as big a ratings monster and it to was cancelled despite fan efforts to get a second season made. AMC also recently ran a contest to win a Walk on Role in Walking Dead Season 2 with some fine print stating if the season doesn’t go you will get your cameo in the first season. This just adds more ammunition to the fact that AMC is very much thinking about Season 2 seriously.

Walking Dead Episode 3 ‘Tell it to the Frogs’ will air next Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, with repeats at 11 p.m. ET, on AMC. If you do not get AMC and have an Xbox360 you can do like I have and watch it on Video on Demand in HD or SD. Have you watched Walking Dead, what have you thought of the first two episodes so far?

Update: I literally just posted this and talk about wierd timing ABC News has confirmed that AMC has in fact picked up The Walking Dead for a Second Season. Fan Boys… rejoice! Or Eat Brains yer choice!


  1. Jim

    The series never really covered that. It was more of a mystery, and think they have more things to worry about than the origin or virus.

  2. Jessicaperm

    much bloody than ever i seen…
    I loaded some horror homepages..

  3. Redtythan

    im from the philippines The walking dead movie rocks! i cnt wait for the season 2.

  4. simplymade

    cant wait wow season 2 yeah. the series has grabbed me and pulled me in very addictive and i would not change a thing great job guys i tip my hat great job

  5. This is so exciting. This will definitely make me really watch it over and over again! I can’t wait! I wanna watch it now! lol Is there a walking dead game for PS3>?

  6. Nnnn

    exciting??? C’mon its eyt another zombie saga, full of mistakes…just a simple question, where are all the dogs, cats, etc?…Plus if the zombies don’t die and the infection is passed through contact with blood, fluids etc, the water and soil would be infected, therefore there would be no way to survive…

  7. Cherry

    I like being scared, and I’m only actually scared of zombies. It’s the only possible supernatural which could come a reality in years to come when the government want us to stop breeding.
    This is perfect for my needs and gutted I won’t be watching it until possibly July! Or October?  

  8. Stanimir

    the bestes tv movie i have ever watch its very intriging and is veri good i cant wait to watch season 2 

  9. Stanimir

    is someone have some information when comes on internet the season 2 if someon have some information pls wrait me on my email pls 😉

  10. Momma_grys

    y did rick say thay wher all zombes?

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