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May 24th, 2018

Walking Dead Episode 5 Preview Video

Walking Dead Episode 5 airs tomorrow which is both good news and sad news. Good news that we get more of the hit AMC Mini Series but bad news in that it will be the second last episode since Episode 6 is the last for Walking Dead. That is at least until Season 2 arrives next Halloween!

Below you can checkout a preview sneak peak at Episode 5 of The Walking Dead. In Episode 5 Rick takes the survivors of the attack in Episode 4 to the CDC in Atlanta and is faced with the worst life or death choice of his life. Sounds like Episode 5 will really deliver! If you like me have loved the show but never read the comics I encourage you to checkout our Guide to The Walking Dead which compares the show to the graphic novel. If you are looking for a recap of the first 3 episodes read our Walking Dead Mini Series Recap

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  1. Oh, I hate this will end so fast. The Walking Dead series is great and I am always excited to see every episodes. Hope to see more of these and not to wait until next Halloween.

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