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May 20th, 2018

True Grit international poster and character posters

Newest Coen Bros’ flick “True Grit” is shaping up to be something really cool judging by its trailer, and now it has an appropriately awesome international poster plus a poster for each of its four cool characters. Jeff Bridges – doing his second movie with the Coens since “Big Lebowski” – here is a grizzled wild west rambler, Matt Damon – is an almost unrecognizable mean-looking cowboy, Hailee Steinfeld – is a real tough-looking kid in oversized clothes, and Josh Brolin looks moody and kind of doomed despite holding that rifle in his hands.

For those of you who don’t know how the story goes, a quick reminder: Bridges plays a US Marshal (but still also a drinking sloth) who is helping young girl (Steinfeld) track down the murderer of her father – Tom Chaney (Brolin) – across the unwelcoming Texas terrain. They’re also joined by a Texas ranger (Damon), who has his own reasons to get Chaney.

Check out character posters on imdb.

True Grit Poster

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