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January 20th, 2019

Trailer For Jack Blacks Gulliver’s Travels

It's a Cosby sweater…A COSBY SWEATER!

A trailer for “Gulliver’s Travels” hit the Internet machine today and, sadly for all of us, it looks like another brain dead comedy a la “Night At The Museum”. Oh look, sure enough, the trailer mentions from the people that brought you “Night At The Museum”. The most tragic thing about that phrase is that is indeed going to be a selling point.

What has happened to Jack Black? Is this what he’s really become? Just watch this trailer then tell me exactly how this can possibly be funny. Jack Black shirtless? Check. Jack Black singing in his Jack Black way? Check. Jack Black playing the loser underachiever? No way! Man, he’s really branching out here.

The reason I’m so harsh about Black is due to the fact that he is fantastic in a handful of movies, which makes me believe he could do it again. The movies I’m referring to are things like “Jesus’ Son”, “School of Rock”, and of course, “High Fidelity”. Actually, I think he is the best part of Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” remake. But, he was completely ridiculous in “Tropic Thunder” and just seems more interested in being Jack Black on screen than a real character…like Barry the music snob.

Also, I’ve got a beef with any movie that takes Emily Blunt and shrinks her to the extent you can barely see her. That’s just wrong.

Another note: You’ll notice Amanda Peet in the trailer. I ran into her at a Dean & DeLuca at Broadway and Pine. She was picking up some┬ácoconut┬ámilk. She didn’t recognize me.


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