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May 24th, 2018

Top 5 Alien Invasion Movies

In just a few short days the much anticipated alien invasion flick SKYLINE will open in theaters to a horde of intrigued moviegoers looking to see if the insane teaser trailers and special effects equal a worthwhile and fun movie experience. I started looking back at other alien invasion movies in order to make a short list of some of my favorites while also researching many that I may not have seen. I did however come up with a list that I was pretty satisfied with of alien movies that I watch on a regular basis as well as a couple newcomers that will be in regular rotation for years to come.

It remains to be seen if SKYLINE is going to be a contender on such a list, and by looking at the special effects it without a doubt has the visual flair to make it, but from the brief glimpses of dialogue between characters I have a pit in my stomach that is telling me it also has the possibility to disappoint on a large scale, but I will hold off on judgment until I’ve had a chance to see it in all its glory. Anyway, enough with the stalling and on to my choices for my five favorite alien invasion movies!

5. Monsters – This is without a doubt the newest film on the list. I debated for a while if I thought this would count as an alien invasion movie, mainly because it focuses more on the struggles of two people trying to get back to the United States and have the minor inconvenience of having to go through an area of Mexico that just happens to be inhabited by alien life. I settled on the fact that the aliens were a key part of the story, even if they were brought by accident rather than them invading us, but it still fit similar themes and annoyances of what an alien invasion would mean for the humans. The aliens themselves are pretty amazing to look at for such a low budget movie, but more so that final few minutes of the movie are just beautiful.

4. Mars Attacks – I really did not like MARS ATTACKS the very first time that I watched it. I was relatively young and just don’t think that I had the patience for something so goofy. After I had time to watch it over and over since it was on HBO all the time when I was in school it really started to grow on me to the point that I could laugh and watch this all the time and never get tired of it. The cheesy special effects and sound effects mixed with all the cameos and star power behind it just makes for a fun watch; and who doesn’t love seeing jack Nicholson as president?

3. The Faculty – The very first time I saw this movie I was not quite as in to movies as I eventually became. The name Robert Rodriguez didn’t really mean anything to me and I overall just kind of enjoyed this movie. It became another movie that I just loved after multiple viewings and can still enjoy today. It’s a movie where I actually enjoy Josh Hartnett, and the final 20 minutes or so of the movie are pretty awesome to watch. Plus it’s got John Stewart in it as a geeky science teacher who later attacks his students as an alien, and that’s a bucket of win in my book.

2. The Thing – This is a movie that I had meant to watch for years and I just never had the motivation to ever pick it up to watch. I’d heard for years how great it was, and when I finally got a chance to watch it I finally understood why. It has been a while since I watched it again, but this movie is definitely a must see for any sci fi fan or even any horror fan. The makeup effects and gore are all top notch and the film really holds up for being released in the 80’s.

1. District 9 – At the last minute I decided to leave DISTRICT 9 in on the list. I questioned its relevance on an alien invasion list because in the movie they are basically being forced to be here, but the reasoning behind leaving it on the list was because the spaceship the aliens came from did come to earth, and I’m guessing at some point there was some intent, so that’s how I justified leaving it in. The other justification was that I absolutely adore this movie, and it was one of my favorites from last year so it didn’t feel right leaving it off the list. The acting, the special effects and the emotional impact of the main character’s struggles in the film all worked immensely well for this movie. Add to the fact that it had Peter Jackson’s stamp of approval and what we have here is a tremendous work of sci fi glory.

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