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May 21st, 2018

The Batman Rumor Mill: Tom Hardy As The Villain

A website called Batman News is reporting a rumor that Tom Hardy, who was cast in “The Dark Knight Rises” before it had a title, will be playing the villain named Dr. Hugo Strange. It seems like a great fit for Hardy to play the main villain, but I have to admit, I have no idea who this bad guy even is. I’m not a comic book reader and when I was, it never was DC Comics. I was a Marvel kid.

The site is very careful and reminds everyone this a rumor, but their source was right about the fact this will be a Riddler-less movie and knew the actresses that were being considered for roles. Since I have zero idea about the history of this character in the comics, I really don’t know if Hardy is right for the part. I mean, if Dr. Hugo Strange is handsome and British, he’ll knock it out of the park. After reading the Wikipedia page, he sounds more like a crazed scientist that performs experiments on people in order to make them genetically superior. He is apparently obsessed with Batman because he considers him to be the most genetically superior human alive. It definitely has a pyschological element to it and we all know that is right in Christopher Nolan’s wheelhouse.

All of this is elementary. Does it matter who the villain is? We’re all going to see this thing no matter what, but I guess it’s lots of fun to talk about.


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