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June 20th, 2018

Spider-Mans Parents in the Spider-Man Reboot?

What’s Playing is reporting that the Spider-Man reboot is looking for a child actor to play Peter Parker between the ages of six and nine for some flashback scenes that may or may not concern the fate of Richard and Mary Parker, the couple who actually created the boy who would be Spider-Man.

In the original Spider-Man movies, did they ever say just what happened to Peter Parker’s parents? I can’t seem to remember, and it doesn’t really matter as it had no effect on the plot except that they’re not around and Peter lives with his aunt and uncle.

Here’s a fun fact: in regular Marvel Comics continuity, Richard and Mary Parker were CIA agents who were killed when their airplane was sabotaged by the Red Skull. Seriously.

In Ultimate Marvel continuity Richard Parker is a biologist who helped invent the Venom symbiote. Hollywood screenwriting trends tell me that Richard and Mary Parker were helping Curt Connors with genetic experiments that will lead to both the origin of Spider-Man and The Lizard.

Sony Pictures, I assume my check is in the mail?


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