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June 19th, 2018

Skyline Movie Review

Just got out to see Skyline. Frankly I was a little hesitant since on our FaceBook page our members were less than impressed. Regardless I decided to take one for the team and go checkout the film and report back with my findings. Skyline is an action packed, popcorn munching sci-fi flick of apocalyptic doom and human destruction and to this film fan… it was pretty darn fun.

Directed by the Brothers Strauss they first came on the scene with UNDEAD an Australian zombie flick with a sci-fi twist that they seem to have incorporated some plot points into SKYLINE only minus the zombies and with a clearly much larger budget. The Brothers Strauss have had one other big break and that was DayBreakers which was at best ‘ok’ but Skyline is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to mainstream sci-fi fans.

The best comparison I can make is its Independence Day meets The Matrix meets just about any movie Michael Bay has done. Skyline is the kind of movie Michael Bay would make if he had any ability to tell a story and did not only know how to focus on blowing sh*t up and flashing allot of hot ass in our general direction… ala Megan Fox ( and her new replacement in Transformers Dark Side of the Moon ). Skyline demonstrates that when studios stop turning to A list name actors and directors they can really produce something imaginative and creative.

The Brothers Strauss have proven themselves as capable of handling a big budget hollywood movie and I for one hope this opens the doors for other more talented small time directors like Alex Ferrari [ Red Princess Blues Review ] who is a genius with special fx and sci-fi-fantasy imagery and Toby Wilkins who despite the debacle of the Grudge 3 has proven to be one of the most talented up and coming directors in the horror / scifi genre. [ Splinter Review ]

I am not going to give away any of the plot of Skyline so you won’t learn much about the story from this review but the general premise is an alien race has come to earth and is intent on destroying mankind. Or so it seems! Packed full of action, a small dynamic of interesting characters and a good script Skyline is one of the better mainstream sci-fi movies I have seen. Die hard sci-fi fans who liked District 9 and the like of MOON will have a hard time finding much to love in Skyline but if you liked Independence Day or as noted enjoy some Michael Bay from time to time Skyline will be sure to entertain you.

Because it had an original story, a strong cast and an interesting twist ending that isn’t your cliché Hollywood ending I am giving Skyline 7 out of 10. See it if you meet the demographic, skip it if you’re sick of mainstream Hollywood. As a point of reference I can tolerate Michael Bay, loved Independence Day for its silliness and loved District 9. I didn’t love every moment of Skyline but I enjoyed the heck out of it as a whole. A fun waste of 90 minutes!

PS. Whether or not you liked Skyline you should checkout Lukes 5 Best Alien Invasion Movies editorial. Its a great list and you are guaranteed to find at least one or two movies to watch off the list


  1. InfamousPR

    Hey Michael, can you give me your address so I can smack you? THIS MOVIE SUCKEEEDDDDD, WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Orcatrainer

      I agree to that ! Just came out of the theater and was wondering why I put money into it… Frankly ?!… :((

    • Kash2011

      Michael how much money did the brothers pay you for this review? I saw this load of bile which they tried to pass off as a movie, and its the biggest cluster fruck ive ever seen!!! I shit better movies then this! and piss better and more accurate reviews then this!!!

      Take my advice folks, this film is NOT WORTH parting your HARD EARNED CASH over, there are much better films to see out there…

      • adam

        so whens the new shit release coming out bro? if you say you can shit better fucking movies DO IT!!!!!! YOU PIECE OF SHIT CRITICIZING SOMEONES HARD FUCKING WORK AT LEAST THEY TRIED!!! NOW I WANT YOU TO COME OUT WITH A BETTER FUCKING MOVIE RIGHT NOW…… ill wait patiently :)

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. We both need to head over there and smack him.

    • Liberalpower

      Couldn’t disagree with u more, Skyline was a popcorn chewing delight and i loved it. All Narnia movies r a piece of shit but, i got a feeling all u Skyline haters find talking animals with religious beliefs plots plausible and entertaining.

      • Trimble

        Who was talking about Narnia? Oh, no one? That’s what I thought dumbass. Skyline is a joke.

        • Dolman

          Skyline was the bombbb!! I don’t know what all you people who are bad mouthing it are talking about.  What was wrong with it?  Absolutely nothin!!!Loved loved loved it!!!Make a sequel PLEASEEEE!!!!

      • Haha, i said something like this to another comment for this movie, As half the worlds populations concists of religous “Humans are GOD’s race, the centre of the universe” believing people. I figure that they who hate this move so much calling it the worst movie of 2010 must be those kind of people. Because in the end, human kind must win because we’re protected by G(Bush / Obama)OD …lol

    • anold

      I totally agree!!!!! its an embarrassment to the sci-fi community!! i swear it looks like a low budget film…yet they used famous actors and good graphics technology…

    • Aristide

      Such a bad movie and a week story, how can you defend that one ? Michael bay may be a action movies’ director, but he is not a bad one, contrary to the brothers Strass (AVP2, the movie in which lights came from cell phones).

  2. chocoblanks

    this movie was pure garbage, for the first time ever I fell asleep in the theater while watching

  3. Storygazer

    and I wonder how people can tolerate garbage like twilight when comparatively this is much better.

  4. BR

    The movie (considering average actors) was not bad at all…………UNTIL THE LAST 5 MINUTES. Without spoiling the movie, had it ended when…….well when you though it might be over, that would have made a perfect seqway into a SkylineII. (But instead the producers let a 5yr old at the controls and purely messed it up…….in fact I was about speechless when the ending took place).

  5. Kieron


  6. Badassbelair

    I loved it…..different strokes for different folks.

  7. hated it

    the reviewer said these brothers did Daybreakers. Not true. It’s brothers spierig. These guys are effects guys, not story guys. movie sucked, nuff said.

  8. mulva

    This movie made Daybreakers look like Citizen Kane. Seriously, Skyline is the only alien invasian movie I will never watch again. I really thought that genre was foolproof, until last night. Please stick to effects, and refund my money…

  9. Kurt J.

    Not defending Skyline here, but isn’t it ironic how some of the folks who love to hate this movie will gleefully spend thier hard earned money to watch EQUALLY horrid stuff like “Twilight”, or for goodness sakes this silly “Harry Potter” nonsense,(6 movies for crying out loud???)….give me a break! And for the record,”ID4″ was ALSO crap… yet the happy sheeple flooded the theatres anyway! Call me crazy, but I’ll take any B-movie SCI-FI invasion flick over watching teenage vampires or some wimpy-looking English kid flying around on broomsticks with his buddies!!!!

  10. mark

    Great movie, did you see it or just copy paste what the first guys said, don’t know how you can call this movie worst you have seen if so you haven’t seen very many.

  11. No thanks...

    “Die hard sci-fi fans who liked District 9 and the like of MOON [meaning: smart people, or at least those with some semblance of an imagination or good taste] will have a hard time finding much to love…”

    “…but if you liked Independence Day or as noted enjoy some Michael Bay from time to time [i.e., dumb as a sock full of shit] Skyline will be sure to entertain you.”

  12. Phoenixgold2010

    My hubby and I watched it last week when it was released, and it was the most NONSENSICAL MOVIE we’ve ever watched! What a waste of MONEY!!!!

  13. John

    come on, this movie is garbage.

    I dont undertand how ppl expects to pay $10 for this carp. I mean it’s not even worth to download it for free….

    Actually, even if they payid me $100 bucks i wouldnt watch it again…it’s BORING

  14. Jerry



    I own over 500 dvd’s and most of them are sci-fi
    now tell me i don’t know what i am talking about!!!!

  15. onepiece

    Great movie and nice idea cubes

  16. I wonder why the review compares this with ID4 or Michael Bay films. Nor the visuals, nor the plot, and certainly not the approach, have anything to do with this. If anything, i’d compare it with Cloverfield. Only sillier. As silly as the argument that it’s “fresh” to let tha Aliens win. No it isn’t. It’s been made ad nauseam ever since The Bodysnatchers. And the “drop the nuke…looks like it worked…yeah… Oh Shit! they’re still there” thing…yup, fresh…never seen that before in a sci-fi movie, do i?

    Don’t get me wrong, this movie is not that bad. It’s just a movie that claims for a sequel, but probably won’t get one because the first one left the audience depressed.

    Hey, i actually might be wrong about the comparison with ID4. Imagine the plot of ID4, only through the perspective of some clueless idiots in an LA Penthouse, and this time the computer virus didn’t work. Then Skyline is what would’ve happened on July, 5th.

  17. Figgikim

    Iv never been this disappointed to see a sci-fi movie! i mean…. that was the worst story line ever! and the worst acting ever! and the worst directing ever! how this guy thought it was ok…….i dont know maybe he was paid to write it

  18. Twinkleheart

    This movie suck! My friend told me something after watching the movie.
    “Don’t you feel bored? I slept just now. What a cool poster with a good trailer that fool me to watch this movie.”
    Beforethat I thought it was cool because it’s all about ALIENS and poster was cool but… in the movie’s ending, HUMAN CHANGE INTO ALIEN.=.= What is this?? What a “GOOD” storyline with a ending I HATE THE MOST.

  19. 8899t J

    don’t care what anyone says i thought it was good….then again i like cheesy movies… that’s not the point, it’s not that bad u ppl are just making it seem horrible and it’s not

  20. ShameonUSgtBatista

    Personally I think they should have skipped the first 1hr23mins and gone straight to the sticking a human brain in an alien bit, then developed a story from there….coz those first 1hr23mins were torture.
    It goes to show how poor a movie it was – I went to make a sandwich and didn’t even bother to pause the movie, then came back 10 mins later and guess what they were still in the appartment and the aliens were still outside, and yawn…..It’s making me sleepy just thinking about it

  21. Sam

    Just saw this movie and it’s so shit. Michael how much did they pay you for a good review?

    It’s mind numbingly boring with no plot or background. It’s going in my nominations for Worst Sci-Fi movie ever along with War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise.

  22. Ray

    I like this movie and I am a science fiction fanatic. You
    don’t really see any original movie ideas these days and I like how this story
    wasn’t the typical alien invasion. It kind of just depicted doom and gloom with
    no good end in sight. I ordered this movie on Dish Online because a friend I work
    with at Dish Network recommended that I watch it. The special effects were the
    best part of this movie and I also liked the originality of the alien invaders.
    If you like science fiction as much as I do you should watch it.

  23. Milzdeal

    I Liked the movie… It was Fun.. Tho Not the best….. One more thing… Those  That use the F**K word every other sentence…. Are Not ones to listen to…  Actually there are only 3   creative, aware & intelligent people out of every 10…..  GET IT…?    By the way I am NOT amoung those, as I am NOT from this world….Quote Stan Lee  “nuff said”

  24. Milzdeal

    I Liked the movie… It was Fun.. Tho Not the best….. One more thing… Those  That use the F**K word every other sentence…. Are Not ones to listen to…  Actually there are only 3   creative, aware & intelligent people out of every 10…..  GET IT…?    By the way I am NOT amoung those, as I am NOT from this world….Quote Stan Lee  “nuff said”

  25. Misstirion

    Possibly one of the worst films i’ve ever seen,I had more fun during labour.

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