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January 20th, 2019

Silent Hill 2 is in 3D

The original Silent Hill is one of the better video game adaptations ever, effectively conveying the creepy mood of the games in ways that the Resident Evil films SHOULD have but eschewed in favor of being very dumb action movies. And it had that pyramid head guy, which I think is a requirement for any Silent Hill project.

Now there’s a sequel on its way, according to Bloody Disgusting, called Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which is not only generic but sounds like it’s the third film in the franchise. Subbing in for Christophe Gans is Solomon Kane writer/director Michael Bassett. I haven’t seen Solomon Kane yet, but it was well reviewed and the trailer makes it look like a fun bit of pulp. Bassett also did the World War I horror film Deathwatch, which I totally need to check out.

The plot of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D involves a young woman named Heather Mason who searches for her missing father at Silent Hill. Which is the plot of Silent Hill 3, which makes that title even more confusing.


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