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May 20th, 2018

Paranormal Activity 3 Release Date

paranormal activity 3Yep we told you that Paramount was going to do it and now Oren Peli the creator has told DreadCentral that not only is Paranormal Activity 3 going to happen but it will hit theaters next October 21st 2011. Will the third film focus more on Katie and Hunter or will it take things in a completely new direction?

One thing is for sure Paramount will once again stick to a small budget and very likely reap massive rewards since the last 2 films have made over $500million for the studio. What do you think? Paranormal Activity 3 will you go see it? what do you think would make for a great potential plot? Luke recently talked about Paranormal Activity  3 and potential plot ideas so give his piece a read as well.


  1. The first one sucked! the second was good the third mmmm

  2. eminemlover'<3

    i think the first one was really bad but im just after watching the second one and i found it AMAZING! i can’t wait till the third tbh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DD
    lots of love charlotte lewsley'<3

  3. blancita

    both one & two scared the crap out of me but it wont stop me from watching part 3 i just might need the lights on lol… i hope part 3 is about hunter & his sister!!!!

  4. where’s the real trailer????????

  5. Damanakajuice

    i cant wait for the third one the first one scared me a couple tomezz but it was wack….second scary……wonder what the third wil be like….!!!!

  6. Kieran gallagher

    a want a paranormal activity 3 to come out i want it to be scaryer

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