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May 24th, 2018

New On DVD & Bluray, Nov 22nd

Some pretty well known stars have movies coming on DVD and Bluray today. Among those stare are Julia Roberts, Sly Stallone, Joaquin Phoenix, and Sam Rockwell. Oddly enough, it could be debated that each of these stars’ big movies kind of underperformed at the box office. At the very least, they maybe didn’t live up to the expectations for each of them.

“Eat Pray Love” – This would be the Julia Roberts travels the world and discovers herself movie. Along the way, she swoons over James Franco and Javier Bardem. Wow, no way? A woman in her mid-40s would be into those two guys? Dare I suspend my disbelief? This will certainly find an audience with the Oprah audience and divorcees all over the world.

“I’m Still Here” – This is the fake documentary about Joaquin Phoenix becoming a gangster rapper. Along the way, he does blow off the breasts of a stripper, harrasses P. Diddy, bombs on Letterman, and a friend of his drops another kind of bomb on him. I’ve not seen the movie, but I’ve read enough about it to know that I will have to mentally prepare before watching it.

“Flipped” – Apparently, Rob Reiner directed this movie. It looks like about six people saw it, not including the Reiner family. I’ve never even heard of it and this will be as much time as I’ll spend dealing with it.

“The Disappearance of Alice Creed” – This is the first movie on the list that I am truly interested in seeing. It’s a British movie and I’ve read people comparing it to “Reservoir Dogs”. That’s a strong comparison. However, it seems like the Brits make really great gritty, tough talking crime movies. Also, Gemma Arterton is not bad to look at so I’m in.

“The Winning Season” – This is a comedy starring Sam Rockwell as a girl’s high school basketball coach. I’m a big Rockwell fan, but this movie looks terrible. It looks like the kind of movie they should show you if you were being tortured a la “A Clockwork Orange”.

“The Expendables” – This is the winner in the sweepstakes for me. Sadly, I have not yet seen it but that will be remedied in the next 48 hours. In fact, it’s already being downloaded on iTunes as I type this. If you are in the habit of stopping by Best Buy on your way home from work, I would recommend that you pick this one up.

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  1. cinedge

    Dan Zukovic’s “THE LAST BIG THING”, called the “best unknown American film of the 1990’s” in the film book “Defining Moments in Movies” (Editor: Chris Fujiwara), was finally released on DVD by Vanguard Cinema. ( Featuring an important early role by 2011 Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nominee Mark Ruffalo (“Shutter Island”, “Zodiac”, “The Kids Are Alright”), “THE LAST BIG THING” had a US theatrical release in 1998, and gained a cult following over several years of screenings on the Showtime Networks.  “A distinctly brilliant and original work.” Kevin Thomas – Los Angeles Times”A satire whose best moments echo the tone of a Nathanial West novel…Nasty Fun!”Stephen Holden – New York Times”One of the cleverest recent satires on contemporary Los Angeles…a very funny sleeper!” Michael Wilmington – Chicago Tribune”One of the few truly original low budget comedies of recent years.” John Hartl – Seattle Times”‘The Last Big Thing’ is freakin’ hilarious! The most important and overlookedindie film of the 1990’s. ” Chris Gore – Film Threat

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