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June 24th, 2018

Rumor Du Jour: Is Warner Bros. Planning A Batman TV Series?

We all may need to take this rumor with a grain of salt. Right now, Warner Brothers has zero plans on moving the Batman movie franchise forward after Nolan completes “The Dark Knight Rises”. According to, WB is tinkering with the idea of developing a Christopher Nolan-style “Batman” television series picking up right where the third Nolan installment leaves off.

I am completely open to the idea of a weekly Batman series. If done right (by done right, I mean on HBO), it could be brilliant. It would be easy to leave “The Dark Knight Rises” with an open ending, thus creating a solid jumping off point for a series. The rumor already mentions Karl Urban as WB’s hopeful type to to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, whom I think would make a great Caped Crusader. He’s got the edge needed to play a serious Batman. You know, just like Adam West seen here.

Here’s where the rumor gets a bit iffy. This unnamed source says that WB has discussed bringing The Joker back in a potential series. It kind of sucks, but I say do it. There’s no reason that the character should disappear completely because Heath Ledger passed away. It’s sad that he couldn’t continue the role in the movies, but it’s not like Ledger would have played The Joker on a TV show. So look at it that way and it’s not as insensitive. Maybe.

It’s just going to be tough to see someone else take over for what is potentially the greatest villain performance of all time.

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  1. You are a complete idiot if you think WB doesn’t want to continue the film franchise after Nolan leaves. Batman is their biggest property. Once Harry Potter wraps up, Batman is the ONLY franchise they have. WB has shot down several attempts at making a Batman TV series the past few years SOLELY to protect the film franchise. But now, out of the complete blue, they’re going to change that stance? Phooey. WB was already talking to directors to replace Nolan if he didn’t come back for part 3. Once Nolan moves on they will simply get a new director and keep making Batman movies until the world ends.

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