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February 23rd, 2019

Natalie Portman To Make Raunch Comedy

Natalie Portman, Judd Apatow Raunch Comedy

Without a doubt, there is quite a few directors out there who would like a piece of Judd Apatow’s pie as raunchy comedy king, but who would have thought that none other than Natalie Portman would actually have a go at it. According to The LA Times she and her co-writer friend Laura Moses are now pitching a raunchy comedy “BYO” to the studios.

“BYO” (Bring Your Own) centers on women in their 20s who are getting sick and tired of the usual dating routine. So to add some extra fun to the game, they throw a party, to which each female guest has to bring an eligible bachelor. In short, the movie, to quote the executives, is something like a female version of “Superbad.”

Portman intends to produce the flick and star in it too – quite possibly alongside Anne Hathaway, who might play the other main character.

A raunchy comedy played out from a female, rather than male point of you is certainly something we haven’t seen for a while. It also sounds like a risqué venture – it’s somehow believed that men are supposed to manipulate women and treat them like sex objects, while it’s seldom to find likeable female characters to do the same to men. Yet, seeing Portman’s dirty-mouthed rap in a SNL video, I would say she’s likely to pull off a rude comedy. In addition – a good chance for her to get away from being typecast as romantic heroine.


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