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June 25th, 2018

Is Matthew Goode Your Next Superman?

Apparently, if you appeared in “Watchmen”, today is your lucky day. Hot on the news of Malin Akerman getting the Linda Lovelace role in “Inferno”, the piping hot rumor on the Internet today is that Matthew Goode has taken the lead to star in Zach Snyder’s Superman flick. This marks the second time in one week that a coveted role of an American icon is in the hands of a British actor. Goode as Superman, Daniel Day Lewis as Abe Lincoln, what’s next? Maybe Michael Caine as George Washington?

One thing is for certain, Goode is definitely handsome enough for the part. Look at that guy. He’s one good looking fella. However, does he have it in him to play the greatest Boy Scout to ever live? Personally, he’s been better in his sleazier or more complex roles. If you’ve seen “The Lookout”, you know what I’m talking about. He was a complete and total scumbag in that one. He was also fantastic as the rich kid in “Match Point”, but pedestrian in his romantic comedy roles.

What do you think folks? Is Goode a, uhh, good choice as the Man Of Steel?


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