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April 19th, 2018

Martin Sheen to Play Uncle Ben?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Martin Sheen (noted actor and father of Emilio and Charlie) is in talks to play Uncle Ben in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot by director Marcus Webb, replacing elderly Mickey Rourke impersonator Cliff Robertson from the first film.

Uncle Ben is not the man on the rice box as I misled you to believe, but Spider-Man’s kindly uncle who raised him after his parents… I don’t know what. If you saw the original Spider-Man you know the character’s importance, but I can’t imagine they’d go through the motions of Spidey’s origin all over again (read: I pray that they don’t go through the motions of Spidey’s origin all over again). I wouldn’t be surprised if Uncle Ben only appears in flashbacks.

Here’s the next big casting question: who plays J. Jonah Jameson?


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