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April 20th, 2018

Jane Eyres Gothic Thriller Trailer

Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” was adapted for stage, TV and the wide screen a gazillion times already, so anyone who decides to do it yet, again, should better have something very special up their sleeve. And the authors of last onscreen incarnation of the novel – writer Moira Buffini and director Cary Fukunaga  – obviously do. Judging from the trailer, their “Jane Eyre” looks less like a period life drama, a more like a classic gothic novel with some decidedly nightmarish quality.

World’s latest “Alice in Wonderland” Mia Wasikowska is Jane, who had literally one hell of a childhood, and grew up to be a troubled and haunted adult. At least an adult by terms of 19th century England – Wasikowska is one of youngest actresses to play Jane, and she looks quite like a sweet child. But to be fair, Michael Fassbender playing Rochester is only 12 years her senior, so the two are quite a reasonable match.

Having moved in at the Rochester’s castle as governess, Jane becomes attracted to her employer, but soon realizes that the part of him that scares her may be even darker than she thought.

The rest of the cast is also looking good: Judi Dench, Jamie Bell and Sally Hawkins all put in a worthy appearance.

While “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” may be going a little too far, mixing classic with gore, Fukunaga’s “Jayne Eyre” simply brings the darker side of the classic novel out much more than any other adaptation did. Ok – maybe it’s a bit too scary and dreary than Bronte ever meant it to be, and we still don’t know what sort of dark secret is lurking behind the surface of the story, but big dark castles, gloomy weather, fog and rain are all common elements of a British gothika.

“Jane Eyre” is set for release on March 11.

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