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April 24th, 2018

James Bond will be back in 2012

MGM going down certainly upset a lot of people, but many more by far were terrified of one of its inevitable side-effects – suspension of the James Bond franchise, the rights for which belonged to the company. However, the character, who has already seen almost 50 years of screen life, is not ready to retire. The new probable release date for the following 007 flick has just been announced – November 2012.

The film was put on hold indefinitely in April, however Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes remained attached to the project. And now, having filed for bankruptcy (according to Bloomberg),  MGM is still going ahead with James Bond 23. Apparently the deal is that it would be produced with a partner paying all the filmmaking costs in return for half the rights. After that MGM will be once again able to fund and own the franchise.

Naturally with all the rumors circulating around the Bond saga ever since the release of the “Quantum of Solace,” the latest announcements don’t necessarily mean the work on the new movie is actually starting.  The current Bond himself, Daniel Craig, said he’d love to reprise his role, but he also has another major commitment – David Fincher’s “The Millennium Trilogy”, the first part of which – “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” – he’s currently busy filming. But if Bond 23 starts filming around mid 2011, everything is likely to go as planned.


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