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January 20th, 2019

Indias Spiderman Trailer Will Make You Laugh

Below you can checkout the first footage for India’s take on Spiderman and its the kind of bad that will have you literally laughing your ass off. It is so bad and so stupid it just makes you giggle and get all warm inside. If there is one thing that Bollywood needed it was its own take on Spider-Man. Kudos to BadAssDigest for the heads up… this is definitely bad ass and could only get better if they cast Bruce Campbell.


  1. TeraBaap

    Get your facts right. This is not Bollywood stuff. There are many short budget “film industries” in different parts of India. Bollywood produces movies such as Slumdog Millionnaire, Rang De Basanti, Black Friday and many more. Indian movies do include a lot of non-sense dances and songs, but this is certainly not a “representative” of Bollywood. Please shy aways from labeling. Laugh out loud, by all means, at this stupid clip, but don’t call it a Bollywood movie.

  2. TeraBaap

    I may be wrong about Slumdog Millionnaire as it is not entirely a Bollywood movie. I recommend you a few more Bollywood movies such as “A Wednesday”, “Tare Zameen Par”, “Wake Up Sid” and “Swades”.

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