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June 18th, 2018

First Image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is NOT a bad Stallone movie. Repeat that to yourself forever and ever. Judge Dredd IS a supremely badass comic book character, an exploration of police state authoritarianism as only the British can do. He’s a cultural icon — the UK equivalent of Batman. They’ve even crossed over a few times. If he’s good enough for Batman, he’s more than good enough for us.

Now 2000AD (publishers of Judge Dredd comics) have released the first image from the upcoming film, Dredd, currently shooting in South Africa. Directed by Pete Travis, it has a script by Alex Garland (so, so promising) and stars Karl Urban as Joe Dredd himself (one supposes Jason Statham turned them down, but a fine cast nonetheless) and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson. I pray it’s good.

The image itself looks perfectly fine. I’m not one to judge entire productions based on one still — and one that’s not even all that clear, no less. It has all the right elements: Judge Dredd with a helmet on, the one bit Stallone couldn’t get right.

The most depressing part is that people will hear of this and say “They’re remaking the Stallone movie…?” Ugh.


  1. OMG that helmet. xD!!! Karl is a great actor and he always brings his A-game regardless of quality.

  2. Wangthomas

    I kinda preferred Stallone’s helmet… This helmet looks kinda big, but I’m still very excited to see this version of Dredd.

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