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April 20th, 2018

Ice Cube As A Dirty Harry-ish Character? Count Me In

Remember when Ice Cube was a rapper?

If there is one director that I constantly take shots at, it’s David O. Russell. I’ve been such a Lily Tomlin fan (especially in “All Of Me”, criminally underrated) that ever since I saw the footage of Russell tearing into her, well, he used a certain word that’s fairly unforgivable.

I will admit that “Spanking The Monkey”, “Flirting With Disaster”, and especially “Three Kings” are fantastic movies. His upcoming “The Fighter” looks like a real winner too. Today’s news that he and Ice Cube are pitching a Dirty Harry-like film series in which Ice Cube will play a revenge seeking detective may almost be enough for me to forgive The Tomlin Incident.

Being a huge “Dirty Harry” fan, I’m on board with this. I also think that Ice Cube has had the potential to be an above average actor. Sure, he’s made those awful “Barbershop” movies and crap like “Are We There Yet?”, but he is fantastic in “Three Kings” and even better in “Boyz In The Hood”. Is there any doubt that he could pull off the seething, intense police detective? There really shouldn’t be.


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