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May 22nd, 2019

Horror Movies To Watch on Thanksgiving

Horror movies to this day are my favorite genre.. or at least one of them and what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving then to watch some horror movies.  Chic just did a more tame piece on 8 Movies to Watch this Thanksgiving and I am doing a much less tame edition. Not a huge sub genre but there are at least 4 horror movies to watch on Thanksgiving that have a turkey theme.

Thankskilling: This one you can currently watch on Netflix video on demand and I have been meaning to check it out for awhile. The low budget indie horror film has the hilarious tag line of ‘gobble gobble  mother f**ker’. It is about a homicidal turkey that starts killing college kids during Thanksgiving.

Blood freak: Released in 1972 it’s a film that is a good testimony to why you never want to give hitchhikers  a ride. A biker gives a stranded girl  a ride home and her mad scientist father turns him into a giant murderous turkey monster that goes after drug dealers. Does it get any more low rent or awesome then that? I think not.

Home sweet home: Think Black Christmas with this one, only with a Thanksgiving angle. In Home Sweet Home a 1981 horror movie a mental patient escapes from the mental institute on thanksgiving to join in the celebrations but unfortunately for the Bradley family his celebrations are less then thankful.

Eli Roths Thanksgiving Faux Movie Trailer: Ok so admittedly not a real movie but Eli Roth is working to spin this one into a feature film. The short film was featured on GRINDHOUSE and is the epitomy of grindhouse awesomeness. Check it out below.

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  1. My horror movie recommendation: Check out UK Indie Horror film The Possession of David O’Reilly

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