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February 17th, 2019

Has the Deadpool Movie Found a Director?!

All those Deadpool fans left angry and bitter after X-Men Origins: Wolverine may find themselves vindicated if the Deadpool spin-off has anything to do with it. The LA Times blog reports that the film may have found a director in the form of Swedish commercial director Adam Berg. Berg won the Cannes Lions International Advertising prize for his short “Carousel” which shows an entire bank robbery frozen in time, Matrix-style. Check it out.┬áIt’s pretty incredible.

News in Film has a few more details on the project including the script itself. Written by Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the film apparently delivers on the cinematic promise of the character that Wolverine denied in an R-rated script full of comedy, fourth-wall-breaking and violence. The only potential problem is scheduling: star Ryan Reynolds has a lot on his plate, including a “body-switch comedy” with Jason Bateman, a thriller with Denzel Washington and Green Lantern 2.

That the script is apparently faithful to the character pleases me, because the only reason to watch a Deadpool movie is Deadpool himself. The concept doesn’t lend itself to anything new (he was experimented on, left scarred and now he seeks revenge), but the execution is why people love the character: he’s mentally unstable and never, ever shuts up. With the ever-charismatic Ryan Reynolds playing the character, the film has potential to be hilarious if his portrayal in the Wolverine movie was any indication.


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