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June 21st, 2018

Harry Potter Animation Director to Take on Peter Pan

Did you see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I? How surprising and great was that animated sequence? It came out of nowhere, proved a wonderfully engaging representation of what I was expecting to be bunch of boring speechifying — I wish David Yates directed the first four installments, too (sorry, Alfonso).

But Yates himself did not direct the animated sequence — that was a Swiss director named Ben Hibon, and according to Variety he’s directing a “reimagining” of Peter Pan called Pan (as opposed to Hook) from a script by Ben Magid that was previously betrothed to Guillermo del Toro (as so many films have been). Hibon also directed sequences for the (insane) video game Killer 7, which makes him supercool in my book. The last Peter Pan movie didn’t exactly set the world on fire, so maybe this one will be a hit.

Pan is expected to begin shooting in Europe in 2011.


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