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May 24th, 2018

New Green Lantern Images Reveal Parallax

Bleeding Cool has new images from the upcoming DC Comics superhero film Green Lantern that come with SHOCKING REVELATIONS!

First of all, apparently Parallax (pictured right) is in the film. Parallax, for you non-comics readers, is a complicated story. In the 1990s Hal Jordan went insane (for good reason), pretty much slaughtered every single Green Lantern in the universe, and took all their powers for himself, renaming himself Parallax only to experience a noble death where he saved the world by re-igniting the dead sun. A few years later, Hal was brought back with the retcon that Hal was not Parallax, but that Parallax was a parasite that had taken Hal over and made him to nasty things to.

Also, there’s a new┬áimage of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, who has psychic powers that give him a comically oversized head. Superhero movies have never been so gloriously silly!

Editors Note: After doing some digging it appears the photos are leaked images and as such I have removed them from this post. Sorry gang we gotta respect the studios.


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