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December 13th, 2018

New The Green Hornet Trailer

As “The Green Hornet” release date (January 11 next year) is drawing near, the team behind it is working hard to heat up the buzz around the movie, by putting out more vids and promos. The latest online trailer features some fresh footage and presents a film as a prime action comedy.

Hornet focuses on Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), a media empire heir who enjoy a lavish playboy lifestyle, throwing parties and sleeping with supermodels. But things change with the suspicious death of his father James (Tom Wilkinson), and Reid decides it’s about time to get serious.

In his makeover from rich slacker – to kind of hero, he’s been coached by Kato, his father’s old friend and associate as well as a martial arts master and a specialist at designing vehicles and weapons. The two become partners, while Reid gets a superhero name of The Green Hornet.


  1. Adsf

    Why does this movie seem like the cheesiest movie of all time. Oh yeah… Seth Rogen!
    I heard the original intent of this movie was for a serious action feel. Sony became upset, had reshoots, and finally embraced the “campy” feel Seth Rogen brings to the table.
    Expect this movie to be cheesier than the 60’s Batman TV series, ladies & gentlemen.
    I know I’ll be waiting for the dvd release, or tv premiere, or not at all. lol

    • Anonymous

      i like you do not like what they have done with it but it will either be a huge hit or a huge bomb. Fans will either love it or hate it not sure there will be any middle ground. That said the studio is probably counting on bringing in the younger demographic who dont read comics or give a crap about green hornet and just want to see Seth Rogen do his slapstick.

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